Wealth Engine Integration


For schools that desire to import prospect screenings, we are offering a screenings import template in lieu of "Wealth Engine Integration." Please speak with your account manager for more information or read below for directions on importing. 

Wealth Engine is a prospect research and wealth identification service that some schools may use to identify a constituent’s ability to give to the school. For Schools who have purchased the Development Module, Veracross does offer limited integration with wealth engine in order to allow schools to quickly reference wealth engine statistics within Veracross.

Wealth Engine data can be loaded into Veracross using the Veracross CSV Data Import tool (see below).  Once in the system, Wealth Engine data can be seen by either running a generic Find Wealth Engine Data query or by running a report from the person or Household detail screens.

Obtaining Export from Wealth Engine

The Data Import Tool relies on the consistency of data in order to correctly import the data it is given.  It is STRONGLY recommended that schools export from Wealth Engine using the default report called “Rating Details Report” since this is the most inclusive of the default reports from Wealth Engine.  The data must then be copied into the template available through the import tool’s interface (see #4 below) in order to ensure an accurate import.

Note:  The latest version of Wealth Engine (Version 8) does not include the “WE Rec ID” and “WE Run ID” fields in their exports any longer.  Unfortunately this fact makes it impossible for Veracross to create a direct link URL to a person’s Wealth Engine record online.  If your school has a strong desire to have this functionality available to them, please contact Wealth Engine to see about the possibility of including these fields in a .csv export file.  If you are able to obtain this export from Wealth Engine, open a client portal request with your account manager to have the data manually imported (do NOT use the import tool).  An extra cost may be applied for this service.


Wealth Engine (WE) data can be loaded into Veracross using the Veracross Data Import Tool.

  1. Open the Data Import Tool.  To do so, please insert your school_name into the following URL: https://import.veracross.com/school_name
  2. Click on the “New Data Import” button.
  3. From the drop-down list, select “Wealth Engine” for the type of data you’d like to import. NOTE:  If you do not see an option for Wealth Engine data in the drop-down, please send a client portal request to your account manager to have the option added for your school.
  4. Once a selection is made, the CSV Template for the WE data upload will be available. Please download the template, and copy the data from the WE export file into the CSV Template provided.

        Note: To ensure the importer will upload the data successfully, please use the Veracross template instead of constructing your own.

    5. Click on the “Choose file” button to select the filled-out CSV template.

    6. Click the “Import” button to start the import process.


Activating Wealth Engine uploads via the import tool is no extra cost for schools who have already purchased the Development Module.  Any custom Wealth Engine imports may be extra cost.  Please contact your account manager for details.

Accessing Wealth Engine Data in Veracross

There are three ways to access the wealth engine data within Veracross once the information has been uploaded.

1. Schools are able to access the wealth engine data on the Household or Person record through the Wealth Engine button.


2. Schools are able to access the wealth engine data through the Find Wealth Engine Data query that is located under the Other section on the Development Homepage.

Please contact your account manager if the Wealth Engine buttons on the Household and Person records are not available or if you do not have access to the Find Wealth Engine Data query.