Veracross University for Learners

As of July 12, 2021, this "Learn Veracross" site has been deprecated.  It will remain live through December 2022, but will no longer be updated. All knowledge content has moved to the new Veracross Community.  Please update your bookmarks.

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Veracross University (VU) is a training platform designed to teach you — key staff members — at schools how to utilize the Veracross system. This article is designed to get you up and running as a learner on the platform. Let's get started with some Q&A covering the basics:

How do I log on?

If you would like to get login credentials, speak to your school's Veracross point person. If you are a school point person reading this, click here to learn more about what you can do.

How do I know if I'm a learner?

In VU, everyone is either a learner or a team leader on your particular team (school). When you log into Veracross University, if you see something like this, you are a learner:

  1. Access all content and self-enroll here via the "Content Library" tab.
  2. View upcoming live sessions (live classes taught by Veracross instructors) via the "Live Sessions" tab. Access the same information via the calendar. Note that they are sometimes called ILTs ("instructor-led trainings") in the interface.
  3. Learning paths and courses you are currently assigned to are displayed as cards on the dashboard. We recommend that everyone should complete "Intro to Veracross," then go on to role-specific training. 
  4. View news in this handy little widget. We'll post here when major new content is available.
  5. You can see a calendar view of upcoming live sessions. Click on one to learn more about it and register. 

I'm a teacher. What do you have for me?

Veracross University is not designed for teachers. We have training videos and documentation about our LMS on Learn Veracross

What is a learning path? What is a course?

A learning path is a linear arrangement of courses. For example, the Intro to Veracross learning path is comprised of five courses:

  • Axiom and CRM
  • Building Basic Queries
  • Additional Query Options
  • Workspaces in Axiom
  • Advanced Query Options (optional)

To complete the learning path, complete each course. The optional course does not need to be finished to achieve 100% for the learning path. You can enroll in a whole learning path or you can enroll in an individual course.  

Things to do as a Learner

Important Note About New Content and Completion Percentage: We will add new content to existing learning paths as it becomes available. This will mean that learning path completion might on occasion drop. For example, let's say that you completed the Academics learning path a month ago with a 100% completion. If we add new videos or a whole new course to that learning path (likely based on feedback), your completion will drop below 100%.  

As a learner in Veracross University, you can do several things:

  1. Jump into Intro to Veracross! Not sure where to start? Start here. Just click on this learning path and you are off and running.
  2. Your school point person may have enrolled you (or will enroll you) in additional learning paths and courses. These will show up on your main dashboard. 
  3. Explore and self-enroll in other content. Click the "Content Library" to explore additional content. You can dive into any of it at any time!
  4. Register for live classes. Find them on the "Live Sessions" tab and on the calendar on the main landing page. See below.
  5. Repeat content. You can always return to re-watch videos, re-take knowledge checks, etc. as you need to. 

Live Sessions

To Sign Up For Live Sessions

  1. Log into Veracross University. Don't have access? Ask your school's Veracross administrator.
  2. Find a live session in several places:
    1. The "Live Sessions" tab at the top.
    2. The calendar on the homepage.
    3. The first course in most learning paths.
  3. Click "Register" next to a session. You'll get a confirmation email with the link. 

What Are Live Sessions Like?

Live sessions are offered each month on a variety of topics. They are designed to "connect the dots" within each learning path.  All sessions are scheduled for 30 minutes and led by a variety of Veracross instructors.

  • Sessions labeled as "office hours" are times you can attend to ask your questions as you are learning. They are not times to ask about tickets or your own school-specific workflows. Feel free to attend to ask questions about what you are learning in VU or just to listen to others.
  • All sessions (except for office hours) are recorded and posted back in the "Live Sessions" courses of the respective learning paths within one business day.
  • The "Live Sessions" courses within each learning path contain both the sign-ups for future sessions as well as recordings of past ones. The "Live Sessions" courses do not affect the completion of the overall learning paths of which they are a part because they are tagged as optional. 

Curriculum Recommendations

Everyone should complete Intro to Veracross. After that, it will depend on your role. If your role includes communications, you may want to consider the "Ancillary Communications Training" below. 

I am a...I should complete... 
SysAdminProbably everything relevant to your school, eventually, but start with :
  • Data and Access Management (forthcoming)
  • Academics
  • Communications

Then, move on to Development, Student Billing, or whatever else you need. 

  • Academics
Communications Director
  • Communications
Development Director
  • Development
    • You should see the version of Development appropriate for your school. Ask your point person if you don't think you have the right one (e.g., you are on Development 3 but the learning path doesn't include Development 3 features). 
Business Office Member
  • Intro to Veracross
  • Student Billing and other business office learning paths

Ancillary Communications Training

If you have communication responsibilities, you may want to complete the following work within the Communications learning path:

  • In the Orientation course, watch these videos:
    • Channels
    • Distribution Lists and Composer Emails
    • Group Events
  • In the Orientation course, complete the course Creating a Composer Email.

To access this material, you can self-enroll in the Communications learning path and only complete particular content, or you can self-enroll in the Communications Orientation and Creating a Composer Email courses.