Update: Candidate Demographic Widget Type

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Module: Admission Portal 3
Effective: 2/18/21
Action Required: None
Action Recommended: Consider adding a new checklist item using the new widget type for your upcoming admission season


 We're excited to announce that we've added a new checklist item widget type: Candidate Demographic. This widget type allows you to add a checklist item requiring parents to confirm the demographic information for their candidate(s).

The Details

Previously, Admission Portal 3 gave parents the ability to update the demographic information for their candidates from the Candidates and My Household screens but it was not possible to require that parents review this information as part of the application process. 

With this update, you can now create a new checklist item to require that parents review/update demographic information for their candidate(s) as part of the application process. Simply add a new library item and configure a new registration season checklist item with the widget type "Candidate Demographic".