Update: Adjustments to My Household and the Parent Form

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Module: Admission Portal 3
Effective: 2/16/2021
Action Required: None
Action Recommended: Review the Update


 Based on the feedback from our current AP3 schools, we've made an adjustment to who we consider a "parent" in the portal.

The Details

Previously, we were allowing parents to submit the parent form for their significant other, regardless of that person's relationship to a candidate. We are now enforcing a requirement that anyone entered via the parent form must have a parental relationship to at least one active candidate designated before the form can be submitted.

The error message displayed on the Parent form when the parent being added has not been designated as the parent of a candidate.

Additionally, we've adjusted the logic for the My Household section of the portal to account for this change. Users logged into the portal will now see their own person card as well as the person card of any person with a parental relationship to candidates the user is also a parent of, i.e. I see myself and anyone else who is a legal parent of my candidate(s). 

NOTE: In the case where a grandparent needs to be added as a legal parent, checking the "Legal Custody" flag on the relationship record in Axiom will allow the grandparent to appear in the My Household section in the portal.