Update: Adding and Removing People To and From Security Roles

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Module: Core Foundation (Security Roles)
Affects: All Schools
Effective: July 7, 2020
Action Required: None


Previously, the only way to add security roles was one person at a time, via the Security Roles tab on an individual's security detail screen. But beginning today, you can now add and remove people to and from security roles.

An example Members tab of a security role detail screen. 

  1. Click "Add Record..." to add a person to the security role.
  2. Click the red "X" to remove a person from the security role.

Click Update when done. You can add or remove multiple people before clicking Update. 

The Details

Adding and removing security roles isn't generally a daily task, but when it comes up, you now have the ability to expedite the process in Axiom. Navigating to an individual's security admin detail screen is still the best way to modify an individual user's security roles, but you now have the ability to add and remove people to and from a security role directly on the security role detail screen. This can be handy if you have lots of new faculty to give new faculty security roles to, or a similar task. 

The New Workflow

To use this new workflow to add and remove people from security roles:

  1. Navigate to the Identify & Access Management homepage.
  2. Click the "Security Roles" link.
  3. Pick a security role and click it.
  4. On the security role detail, click the Members tab.
  5. On the Members tab, add or remove people.
    • To add a person, click Add Record and select the person, then click Update. You can add multiple people before clicking Update.
    • To remove a person from a security role, click the red X, then click update. You can remove multiple people before clicking update.