Teacher Portal

Learn all about the Teacher Portal and the functionality that comes with it here.


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Exam Calendar
The purpose of the exam calendar, available on the Teacher Portal, is to show assignments that students have across all their classes so that teachers can plan their exams around the students’ workloads.
Faculty Daily Schedule
The Daily Faculty Schedule feature displays all of a faculty member’s schedule data for a particular day, unifying potentially disparate information about schedules and assignments for classes, events, meetings, and more in a single view.
Launching the Teacher Portal
This article is intended to provide an overview of the process for launching the portals, as well as some instructions and clarifications.
Lesson Plan Management
Lesson Plans allow teachers to prepare for class meetings on a day-to-day basis. In addition to writing the day’s lesson, teachers can attach file resources to assist in the lesson and assign themselves tasks to manage lesson To Do items.
Lesson Plan Viewing Options
These multiple views enable teachers to view their schedule from different perspectives, building out a specific day in the “Day View” and viewing that day within the big picture of their entire schedule in the “Timeline View.”
Publishing Query Results in the Teacher Portal
Axiom query results generated can be published to teacher and staff portals. This powerful feature allows portal administrators to make important information available to teachers and staff directly.
Resource Library Management
The Resource Library serves as a teacher’s central location for all files and links related to the teacher’s classes for the current school year.