Portal Planning and Management FAQ

What is the URL for the mobile portal?

The Mobile Portal web application provides an alternative workflow for schools who want simple, mobile-optimized functionality for parents, teachers or students.

Mobile Portal
login screen

The URL for the mobile portal is:


You can read more about the Mobile Portal here.

How do I update the school year on a portal record?

Rolling the portal year forward is an important part of changing the school year and testing your portal configuration. To adjust the portal year on an individual portal record, perform the following steps:

The "Roll School Year Forward/Back" procedures in the action menu of the Faculty Upper School portal record.

  1. Navigate to the portal record that you want to affect
  2. Click on the Action menu and select one of the procedures in the "School Year" category
    • the Roll School Year Forward procedure increments the portal year by one.
    • the Roll School Year Back procedure decrements the portal year by one.
  3. Refresh your browser to see the result.

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What security role is needed to add and edit portal links?

Portal links provide schools the ability to add links to the parent, student, and faculty portal. These links can be anything from external websites to internal reports. Portal Links enable schools to decide when, where, and with whom links are shared.

An example of a Portal Link detail screen.

Managing Portal Links can only be done by a select few security roles:

  • Create New Portal Links:  SysAdmin_1
  • Edit Existing Portal Links: Comm_ADMIN, Portals_ADMIN, and SysAdmin1

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