Online (Re)Enrollment, VC Pay and Student Billing Testing

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It is important to test Online Enrollment/Re-Enrollment, VC Pay, and Student Billing configurations before launching this process to the public. Below are some guidelines and considerations you should review during your testing phase.

Initial Considerations

There are a few things you should consider before beginning the testing process:

  • Review the configuration overview in the Core Configuration section of the Online Enrollment homepage to ensure that the values presented are correct.
  • Confirm that all appropriate action items are enabled on your enrollment contract detail record.
  • Note that, at the very minimum, the online enrollment process should be tested for each of these scenarios:
    • VC Pay Registration scenario (optional or required, as well as whether school/parent pay fees)
    • Do you offer any discounts (e.g., tuition remission, one pay, multi-child) and/or any type of financial assistance (e.g., aid, grants, scholarships, etc)? If so, each one of these instances should be tested 
    • the confirmation/verification of amounts, as well as instances where payment is not required

Testing Options

All “test” transactions that are processed should be real, legitimate payments (including VC Pay Registration fees).  Because of this, we've highlighted three different models you could take while testing:

  1.  Use employees with students or parents with a close relationship to school – offer “early” enrollment to test (recommended)
    • Provides a complete test of all ORE/VC Pay/Student Billing/Accounting integration
    • Helps familiarize you with the actual parent experience
    • Allows you to seek feedback on the process – insights from parent perspective have proven valuable in the past to identify potential confusion
  2. Open portal for current student enrollments and process required test payments with a school/personal card or bank account 
    • Reset enrollment/contract data once the testing is complete from enrollment detail
    • Adjust simple receipt info when the payout arrives (but before posting)
    • Submit a refund request once the payment receipt has been processed and posted via payout
  3. Create a “test student” with the sole purpose to function as live student to test all enrollment scenarios
    • Adjustments/refunds required similar to those in option #2
    • the test person's record will remain in the system

Testing Contract Completion

You should take the following steps to test whether your functionality around completing a contract in functioning as intended.

  1. Review payment plan options to confirm the VC Pay Fees are accurate.
  2. Review the Truth-in-Lending Act (TILA) document.
  3. When a parent signs a contract online, confirm the system generates unposted PCIs as expected. Be sure to test multiple scenarios (e.g. standard student, FA student, student of a staff or faculty, etc.).  Check that:
    • the PCI gross amounts are correct
    • the PCIs are assigned to the appropriate CR GL Account
    • the Number of Installments and Number of Months values are correct based on the payment plan selected
    • If you are creating a “Deposit” PCI, confirm that the Tuition PCI’s gross amount equals the full tuition minus the deposit
    • percentage based amounts are calculating correctly
    • discounts are calculated correctly (if applicable)
    • If your school has a customized payment plan (e.g. two-pay split 60/40), split the tuition PCI and confirm that the system is splitting the PCI correctly

Testing VC Pay Registration

You should take the following steps for testing to ensure your VC Pay registration is functioning as intended.

  1. Test that the Default, Optional, and Required language is correct for the appropriate payment plans and configured for both ORE/OE.
  2. Test the VC Pay Registration text.
  3. Test each payment plan scenario to ensure that the VC Pay Registration fees (Enrollment fee/Plan fee) are configured correctly based on your tuition managment worksheet.  For plans that should only be visible to a select group of students, make sure the plan is only visible to that group.
  4. Test saving an ACH and CC payment account.
  5. Test “Setup Billing Autopay.
  6. Test completing VC Pay Registration for each payment plan scenario
    • when testing using the "Open portal for current student enrollments" option — if there are parent-paid registration fee(s); do not submit payment for VC Pay Registration fees
  7. Confirm that the payment methods displayed in the checkout when paying Enrollment deposits match expected configurations.

Testing Enrollment Deposit Payment

You should take the following steps for testing to ensure that the payment of enrollment deposits is functioning properly.

  1. Test the deposit amount and ensure that any other “payable online” fees are included in the amount due.
  2. Test payment methods where the parent pays the fee and confirm that the convenience fee amounts are correct.
  3. Test payment methods where the school pays the fee and confirm that the convenience fee amount is not appearing.
  4.  Test submitting a payment. Our recommended workflow is to override the deposit amount to a minimal amount.
    • Confirm that simple receipts are generated for the correct amount on the accounting side
    • Confirm that the simple receipt’s CR GL account is accurate
    •  Confirm that the receipt’s invoice type and school year are correct 
    • Verify that the “Deposit Received” enrollment checklist item updates properly
    • Note: it is not necessary to repeat these steps for all enrollment scenarios/plans

Testing Resetting Registration Data

Prior to resetting re-enrollment, it if important that you test and make sure everything is configured correctly. When testing, run the "TESTING ONLY: Reset VCPay Registration Data" procedure to reset all VC Pay registration data including AutoPay registration and record of payment.  This procedure is only available for a short period of time and should be used for testing ONLY.