Online Re-Enrollment

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Enrollment Contract and Access Overview
The enrollment contract is the document by which parents and/or guardians agree to all the terms and conditions necessary to re-enrolling for the next school year.
Online Re-Enrollment Overview
Veracross Online Re-Enrollment (ORE) enables parents and/or legal guardians to complete the entire re-enrollment process online. This article provides an overview of the re-enrollment process and how we support it through ORE.
Administration, Troubleshooting, and Maintenance for Online Re-Enrollment
This article will guide you through the common maintenance and troubleshooting tasks made available on the ORE homepage, as well as give examples of common issues with the enrollment process not immediately solvable on the ORE homepage and how to solve them.
Configuring Confirmation Emails for Online (Re)Enrollment
Within Online Enrollment and Re-enrollment, emails can be sent to parents based on their child’s contract status and online re-enrollment status. These emails result in an entry in the child’s Enrollment Detail Log.
Configuring Tuition, Fees and Deposits in Online (Re)Enrollment
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. Charge Types Each re-enrollment contract represents a parent/guardian’s agreement to pay an itemized list of charges associated with next year’s enrollment. These ch...
Deposit Payment & Enrollment Checklist Item Option Configuration
The end of the ORE process for most schools concludes with parents paying tuition deposits. All schools, regardless if they have Veracross Checkout, can integrate the payment process into ORE by adding the Payment Component to the ORE homepage.
Enrollment Intention Form
Enrollment contracts often depend on parent enrollment-related intentions for their children. The Enrollment Intentions Form enables parents to specify these contract-affecting intentions before opening their contracts.
Financial Aid Integration
Online (Re)Enrollment is often the time when schools choose to award Financial Aid. The purpose of this article is to inform schools of the many Financial Aid and Online (Re)Enrollment configuration options.
Launching Online Enrollment to Parents
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. For instructions for launching online re-enrollment to parents, click here .   Pre Launch Ensure there are Accepted Applicants for the Current Admissions Year All New ...
Launching Online Re-Enrollment to Parents
Before the ORE Portal is launched to re-enrolling families, the school must complete the following seven tasks.
Online Enrollment Contract Merge Field Options
This article details how to implement merge fields in the online enrollment contract.
Online Re-Enrollment from a Parent's Perspective
Families will log in to the ORE Portal using their Veracross credentials (the same ones are used to log in to the parent/student portal) on or after the school’s predetermined Portal launch date.
Online (Re)Enrollment Improved Features
One of the goals of the Online Enrollment system is to make the enrolling and re-enrolling process as smooth as possible for parents and the school. Part of this involves clearly communicating where the parent is in the enrollment process and what they still need to accomplish.
Testing Online (Re)Enrollment Before Launching
Four core areas must be tested when implementing Online Re-enrollment and Online Enrollment
Online (Re)Enrollment, VC Pay and Student Billing Testing
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. Overview It is important to test Online Enrollment/Re-Enrollment, VC Pay, and Student Billing configurations before launching this process to the public. Below are some guidelin...
Withdrawal and Decline Forms
The Withdraw and Decline Forms are not a required component of ORE and OE, but can be optionally turned on if schools would like to capture specific information from parents about why they are withdrawing (ORE) or declining (OE).
Homepage and Contract Text Configuration in Online (Re)Enrollment
Text on the ORE Homepage and certain Contract sections are configurable through the home or contract editor tool and ORE related text templates. For the (Re)Enrollment homepage, schools may add their own custom welcome text and edit any of the introductory texts for each of their enrollment components.