Medical Visit Email Templates

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The results of medical visits can be automatically emailed to parents — read more about medical visits here. Schools have the ability to modify the template that is used to generate the email. To access the template, click the “System Email Templates” under System Configuration on the System Homepage.

Setting Up the Template

On the Email Templates page, the templates are organized by Module. Note that there are two Health Module templates. You can click “Click to Preview” to see a preview of any template. To view and edit the template, click on the Medical_Visit_Notification link to open the Template detail screen.

The Detail screen gives a number of options to customize the text that is emailed to parents. Modify the body of the email itself in the “Message” text box. Click the “Preview” link to preview the email; this can be helpful when you make changes to ensure they look the intended way. Note that the email uses HTML to format the text. If you do not know HTML, you can Google a simple reference, or simply copy and paste what is there to achieve the desired formatting.

The fields in the “Variables” text box are all of the possible variables that can be used in the email. They are always enclosed in curly brackets {}. Note that a number of variables are already used. The variables in the “Variables” box are only for reference — only what is in the “Message” box actually appears in the email