Learning Management System (LMS)

The LMS is where teachers access their gradebook, take attendance, and build class websites. They access it via their teacher portal, but the LMS is a distinct set of features.


Gradebook Overview
The Gradebook provides teachers with a robust way of managing this data by simplifying the assignment workflow, increasing flexibility with displaying Teacher Portal Gradebookassignments to parents and students, facilitating communication between students, parents, and more. It enables teachers to increase productivity by giving them more visibility and control over assignment management.
LMS Article Directory
There are many components to the Gradebook, and each are designed to enable teachers to be more productive by providing them with advanced assignment management. This article presents a list of articles on using the Gradebook via the Teacher Portal.
Advisor Dashboard
Advisors, homeroom teachers, and dorm parents often need to view academic information about their advisees, such as assignment issues, attendance, behaviors, and comments submitted by teachers.
Class Migrator Assistant
The Class Migration Assistant is intended to provide teachers with a quick tool for copying materials from one class to another or between related classes.
Notifications Tab
The Notifications tab located in each class section on the Teacher Portal displays all student comments or student behavior reports per week.
Student Profile
The Student Profile is a convenient way for faculty members to view basic information about their students in the teacher portal.
Tracking Master or Class Attendance
Master and class attendance may be taken from the Teacher Portal. All attendance management is conducted from the attendance tab in each class section.
Resource Reservation App
The Resource Reservation app allows faculty to request resources (rooms, equipment, and more) directly from their Teacher Portal. From the Resource Reservation homepage, teachers can view all resources they currently have active for single-day, multi-day, or recurring reservations.