Gift Management FAQ

Why are donations not being created for a pledge that has recurring donations configured?

Pledges with recurring donations are pledges where a donation is automatically generated according to a pre-defined schedule. This can be configured mostly in the Payments section of the pledge record itself, however, there are other considerations to be aware of that may cause donations to not automatically be created.

The Payments section of a pledge record. Setting the fields in this section are all you need to do in the pledge record to facilitate recurring donations.

If your pledge record is set up correctly, there is only one other factor that may be contributing to donations not being generated; the scheduled job not being enabled. To enable this job, perform the following steps:

  1. From the System homepage, click on the Scheduled Jobs link in the System > System Configuration section.
  2. Click on the Create Recurring Donations scheduled job and, on the General tab, ensure the Enabled field is toggled to YES.
    • you must have the Sys_Admin1 security role to adjust this toggle
  3. If you adjusted the Enabled toggle, click Update.

How do I link a pledge to an installment paid by a third-party?

When entering a donation, the system only searches for open pledges made in the name of the donor or donor organization. Follow the steps below to link a donation made in the name of a third party:

Donor Pledge

  1. Populate the Donor field with the name of the individual who made the pledge
  2. Link the pledge to the donation and update to save changes
  3. Clear the field type (Donor or Donor Organization) with the name of the third-party making the payment
  4. Enter the remaining donation information as normal

Donor Organization Pledge

  1. Populate the Donor Organization field with the name of the organization who made the pledge
  2. Link the pledge to the donation and update to save changes
  3. Clear the field type (Donor or Donor Organization) with the name of the third-party making the payment
  4. Enter the remaining donation information as normal

Note: if the donation has already been posted, engineering will need to un-post the donation before the updates can be made. If the donation was already entered and posted in the name of the third party donor. If the donation is not posted, the updates can be made as listed above.

Why do the PTD Owed and PTD Outstanding fields show a balance when the pledge has been paid in full?

The PTD Owed and PTD Outstanding fields are directly tied to the Pledge Reference Date (found on the Development homepage), not the actual calendar year. Therefore, if the pledge reference date is to a date prior to that of the final payment made on the pledge, the system will not recognize the pledge has been paid in full and will instead show whatever balance was due as of the Pledge Reference Date.

Updating this to a future date (typically the last day of the fiscal year) should also update the PTD fields to $0.00.

Note: the pledge reference date must be updated in both the Axiom and Accounting modules to display properly.

Can I configure the "Reward Type" field on a gift record?

This field is used to note anything that was given to the donor in return for their donation, for example, auction Items, benefit tickets, or school memorabilia.

The Reward Type drop-down menu is completely up to the school.

Thus, this field is completely school-defined, however, the drop-down menu options must be configured by Veracross. We suggest you generate a ticket with Veracrss Support and include all options you would like available in this drop-down menu.

What is the difference between the Acknowledge Letter Templates and Receipt Letter Templates on gift records?

Acknowledgement Letter Templates are typically used as a 'thank you' letter to the donor for their gift and sent during any time of the year. Receipt Letter Templates are sent to donors usually at the end of the calendar year for tax receipt purposes.

What is the "From Both" flag on a gift record?

The "From Both" flag controls whether or not a donor's spouse will be automatically soft credited when the gift is added. This flag defaults to yes when adding a donation record and defaults to no when adding a pledge record. The data will not be affected even if this flag is set to yes and the donor does not have a spouse.

How can I split a donation?

There is no official way to split a donation, but, to do it manually, perform the following steps:

All steps in these instructions must be followed in order to avoid errors, mismatches, and double-counting.

  1. Access the donation you'd like to split in Axiom.
  2. Add a new donation to split to in Axiom.
  3. Access each donation in the Accounting side of Veracross.
  4. Find the checkout receipt number from the History tab on the original donation and add it to the new donation.
  5. Access the Checkout Payout for the original donation: History/Misc. This can be accessed through:
    • Payout Receipt popout >
    • Payout Items >
    • Checkout Payout Link >
    • Processing
  6. For example, if the original donation was $10,000 and needed to be split into two donations of $5,000 each, the mismatch should be displayed as $5,000 and the total receipts as $15,000. Verify the new donation is listed and that the mismatch is $5,000 with total receipts listed as $15,000
  7. Update the original donation amount to $5,000.
  8. Set each donation to Ready to Post.
  9. Refresh the Payout Items to verify everything is correct.

Can donors apply a recurring donation to an existing outstanding pledge?

No — donors are not able to apply a recurring donation to an outstanding pledge. This option is only available for one-time gifts. Instead, the pledge must be linked manually once the donation installment is created according to the schedule. To do this, please read about the process here.