General Ledger FAQs

Can we write-off a pledge in Axiom that was written off in our legacy system without impacting the General Ledger?

If you have written off pledges in your legacy system but need to have it reflect accordingly in Axiom, you are able write-off a pledge in Axiom (accounting) without impacting the GL.

  1. Perform the write-off for the pledge on the General tab of the Pledge detail screen.
  2. The write-off adjustment creates a pledge installment and your business office can then set the installment’s Suppress JE = YES prior to posting the installment.
  3. Post the installment. The posting procedure posts the installment but does not create a journal entry, causing no impact to the General Ledger.

How can Budget Managers download the 'GL Budget Detail' reports to an excel file instead of PDF?

GL budget Detail reports can only be downloaded to a PDF file from the Axiom side.  

How can I change the Cost Center for the GL Account?

Once a GL Account is created, the cost center can't be updated.  You will need to create  a new GL Account with the correct Cost Center.  For the incorrect GL Account, that should be deleted if if there are no transactions attached to it or it should be marked as posting prohibited if there are transactions associated with it.  Marking it posting prohibited will remove it from the Chart of Accounts query and disable the ability to post to it. 

How can I give access to a non-Business Office member to view specific GL Accounts when looking at Budget Reports?

In order to give access to a non-Business Office member to view Budget Reports on the Axiom side they will need to be given the specific security role of Accounting_GL_Public.

Additionally, to assign this non-Business Office member specific GL Accounts for their Budget Reports, that can be done a few different ways:

1. Assign a GL Account to the users from the 'GL Accounts' tab from their Person Record on the accounting side. This will allow the users to view the budget details on the reports. 

2. Assign a Cost Center to the users from the 'GL Cost Centers' tab from their Person Record on the accounting side. This will allow the users to view the budget details on the reports of all the GL Accounts in that Cost Center. 

3. From the GL Account Master Record, Acct Mgrs Tab, add this user so they can view that GL Account on their Budget Report. 

How can I add a new GL Account?

To add a new GL Account, navigate to the General Ledge Homepage and select "Add GL Master." You will need to make sure all segments of your GL Account number already exist in the system prior, for example the GL Base Account, GL Cost Center,  and GL Fund. The system will then combine the segments based on your configuration set up to form the GL Account number.

How do I delete a GL Account that was just added by mistake?

If you've realized that a new GL Account was just added to the system by mistake, it can be deleted as long as you're sure nothing has posted to the GL account.

  1. Begin on the GL Account record.
  2. Click on the Organize button (the + sign).
  3. Select the red Delete option from the dropdown and follow the prompts to delete the GL account.

In what order should the Accounting Year End process be performed?

The Accounting Year End process should be formed in the following order: 

  1. Soft/Mostly Close - all the periods/months;  

  1.  Hard/Final Close -only last period of the FY; 

  1.   Zero out P&L -only last period of FY. 

I'm running a custom GL report that is subtotaled by GL account. How can I insert page breaks after each GL account number transition of the printed PDFs?

Because your report is subtotaling by GL account, you may indicate the page break option when selecting to print.  Here are the steps:

  1. Run the report
  2. Click on the "Action" button and select the "Print Results Grid" option
  3. Set "Page Break for Subtotal Headers" to "ON"
  4. Click the "Print Results Grid" button and the PDF download will appear on your screen.

What does it mean when you receive an error that states "Posting prohibited for this GL Account"?

When this error appears, in most cases one of the GL Accounts have the posting prohibited flag turned on.  You will either need to update the GL Accounts in question to ones that are not flagged as Posting Prohibited or adjust the 'Posting Prohibited' flag to NO and update the record if you would like to use the GL Account. 

If you do not want the GL account to be used or anything is posted on it you can mark the GL Account as Posting Prohibited and this will prevent anything getting posted to these accounts by mistake.

How do I prevent users from posting to future fiscal periods in Accounting?

1.  Go to the General Ledger home page

2. In the lower left section, "Other", select Fiscal Period Definitions:

3.  In the query that pops up, select the fiscal years you want to see and then click the green Run Query button top right. 

4.  Check the "Posting Prohibited" checkbox on the desired periods and then click the green Update Records button top right.  (You can also query the periods you wish to restrict and then use the Batch Update capability to update multiple checkboxes at once.) 

(Reverse the process to allow posting in fiscal periods where the year has not yet been hard closed.)