Function Fields

Aggregate data in function fields.


Function Fields Overview
Overview Function fields provide a way to display customizable aggregate data in Axiom. Conceptually, they are similar to calculated fields, though with the added ability to change the input of the calculation directly in the field’s paramete...
Admissions/Enrollment Checklist Items Function Fields
Admission and Enrollment Checklist Item function fields can be used to display the date, notes, or status of specific admissions or enrollment checklist items
Admissions Review Function Fields
Admissions Review function fields show aggregate information about application reviews.
Demographic Function Fields
Overview Demographic function fields can be used when querying people. At present, there is a Related Children function field and four Profile Code function fields.  Read more about function fields. Related Children Function Field The defi...
Development Function Fields
Development function fields are accessible within queries based on the Household table.
Enrollment Policy Function Fields
Enrollment Policy function fields can be used to display information related to enrollment policies, such as displaying the date that certain policy responses were given or displaying all policies in a category and their associated responses.
Individual Event Function Fields
Individual Event function fields, available on Find People queries, are designed to show information about individual events related to people.
Person Classification Function Fields
Person Classification Function Fields can be used to display information regarding constituents’ relationships to the school, past or present.
Schedule Function Fields
The schedule function fields can be used to show which classes students are enrolled in for the whole year, for certain grading periods, which sports they are playing and when, etc.
Standardized Test Function Fields
Standardized test function fields can be used to display information about standardized test scores.