Composer FAQ

Why isn't my new channel appearing on the Communications homepage?

When you create a new channel, sometimes it will not appear in the Channels query on the Communications homepage at all! Usually, this is because of a single reason: the new channel's category.

Creating a new channel record. By default, the Category field is set as "<None Specified>".

When creating a new channel, by default, the Category field is set as "<None Specified>". This is an issue because the embedded query on the Communications homepage excludes channels with the <None Specified> category by default. It is good practice to always set a channel's category when creating a new channel. To adjust the category of an existing channel, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the General tab of the channel's record.
  2. Update the Category field to be anything besides "<None Specified>".
    • If none of the current categories make sense for the channel you are creating, you can create new channel categories from the Add menu on the Communications homepage.
  3. Click Update.

Can I create an anchor link in a Composer message?

Anchor links are often used to create links to specific sections of both internal and external pages. For particularly long composer messages, you may try to create links to other specific parts of the message.

An example of a composer message. Because of the way a Composer message is crafted, it is not possible to expose the underlying HTML.

Unfortunately, that functionality is not possible at this time due to the fact that there is no way to expose the underlying HTML to insert an anchor link.

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How can I automatically CC users in a Composer email?

When writing composer emails, you sometimes want to include certain people in similar emails automatically. While there isn't a way to automate all emails going to a specific person, you can establish workflows that help you achieve what you're looking for. To accomplish this in Veracross, perform the following steps below.

A school-defined group  names "People Who Receive All Emails". Feel free to create custom school-defined groups that make sense for your workflows.

  1. Navigate to the System homepage and click the + Add a Group link.
  2. Name the group something that makes sense (e.g., People Who Receive All Emails, Additional Admission Staff Notifications, etc.)
  3. Add people to this group that need to be added using the Add Record... button.
  4. When sending an email through Composer, when you get to the recipients section, be sure to include relevent groups in your recipients.

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Can I send a welcome email through Composer?

Composer is a great tool for building aesthetically pleasing emails, and you may want to harness this functionality to send out your welcome emails instead of using the standard system email template. Is this possible? Absolutely! But there are additional considerations you should take into account.

You too can send out beautiful Composer emails as your welcome email to new parents and students! But make sure you take the extra steps required for this process.

The issue is that sending out a welcome email through Composer won't automatically create a "Welcome Email Recieved" individual event for the recipients. This can lead to you accidentally sending out multiple welcome emails if you also run the "Send Parent Welcome Emails" in the future.

To get around this, you need to create "Welcome Email Received" entity events for Composer welcome email recipients either manually or in batch. Details on these processes are below:

Creating an Event Manually

This process is ideal for creating "Welcome Email Received" events on a one-off basis.

  1. Navigate to the relevent person record and click on the Events tab.
  2. Click the Add Record... button.
  3. In the Student Event column, ensure that the value is "SYS: VC Welcome Email Sent".
  4. Fill out the rest of the columns as you see fit and then click Update.

Creating Events in Batch

This process is ideal for when you want to create multiple events at the same time and uses the Veracross Data Importer tool. You can read more about this process by reviewing the Entity Event Import type documentation.

Be sure that, for the entity_event_type_id column, you insert the numeric ID for the "VC Welcome Email Sent" event type. For most schools, this will be "1000", but it is worth checking the value for your school here, just in case.

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