Classes and Grading Configuration FAQ

Does changing a scale used on a rubric criteria record affect historical report cards?

After a number of years, you may decide that you want to adjust the scale used on your rubric criteria. The question, however, is whether this will affect all the past grades entered using that rubric criteria. Yes — changing the scale affects any grade that used the criteria, regardless of the year. 

The posted proficiency level remains the same, but the scale values change and affect how a grade is translated by the rubric. The posted proficiency level is always the abbreviation from the scale; if report cards are looking at the abbreviation as a reference, they would likely change.

If you wish to keep prior scales intact, you should create an entire new rubric scale as well as rubric criteria and obsolete the old scales and criteria used. This process should be done in conjunction with Veracross, so you should generate a ticket to facilitate this transition.

When does the system change a class's status from Future to Active?

It can be hard to remember exactly when a class's status changes from "Future" to "Active", especially since it could potentially happen at two different times.

The Status field on a class record. The "Future" status indicates that it is not in the first grading period and the start date has not yet passed.

If the class is in the first grading period of an academic year...

  • ...the Status is changed from "Future" to "Active" when the "Start School Year" procedure is run.

If the class is NOT in the first grading period of an academic year...

  • ...the status is changed from "Future" to "Active" when the class's start date is reached.

When does an active class become closed?

Occasionally, a class you don't think should be marked as closed automaticallyhas its Status changed from "Active" to "Closed" during Veracross's nightly scripts, and it may be difficult to determine why.

In the "Ends" date on a class record is in the past, the nightly scripts will automatically update the class's status from "Active" to "Closed".

The reason why the system may switch classes from "Active" to "Completed" automatically during the nightly scripts is because the "Ends" date field on the General tab is set for a date that has already passed. This field is mirrored by the End Date field on the Schedule tab of a class record.

To prevent this from happening, be sure that the Start Date and End Date fields (or Starts and Ends fields) for a class are set properly for dates in the future that won't trigger this response from the nightly scripts.

How do I remove rubrics from a report card?

If the class is no longer associated with a rubric, then you can run a 'Find Posted Grades' query for the class that has the specific grades you want removed and then delete them. Doing so removes them from the report card for any student you wish to not have this rubric included on their report card. And as long as the rubric is no longer associated with the class, these grades should not be re-added to their report card document after their initial removal.

How do I add/update the department chair?

In Veracross, department chairs are stored on the department record. To add or update the chairperson of a department, follow the steps below.

The Chair Person ID field on the Upper School department record.

  1. Find and make note of the Person ID for the person to be added as the department chair.
    • You can find this through a Find Person query by entering their Full Name (Last Name, First Name), and the value is in the Person ID column in the query result screen.
  2.  Navigate to the System homepage and click the Departments link.
  3. In the query results, click into the department to be updated by clicking on the corresponding Description.
  4. Enter the Person ID in the Chair Person ID field on the General tab.
  5. Click Update.

Can a class begin later than the first day of the grading period?

By default, classes cannot start any later than the start of a grading period because the nightly scripts check and see if a class's start date does not line up with a grading period and adjusts it automatically. Nightly scripts update the begin and end date fields if the field is blank or if the date in either of the fields is set to within 7 days of the grading period begin/end date. This only occurs for classes in the Active School Year.

You have the option of disabling this portion of the nightly scripts, but it is important to consider that this will disable this data grooming for ALL classes, so you should be extra careful when setting class start dates in the future.

To request that the portion of the nightly scripts that governs this is disabled, please open a ticket with Veracross Support.

If Refresh Cohort Days is triggered, would this wipe out any manually-added student-specific overrides on particular days?

Yes, unless a person cohort day record with an override value is locked, the data will be reset when the Refresh Cohort Days process is run.

How long will a student appear in the faculty gradebook after withdrawn from a class?

Withdrawn students remain in a teacher’s gradebook for ten (10) days after their withdrawal date. This allows the teacher time to input any outstanding assignment grades before they disappear. After the 10 day period, the student automatically disappears from the gradebook. After that time, any additional changes to that student’s assignments must be made from Axiom.

Why can't I see the Primary Score on the Test Scores tab of a student record?

The Primary Score flag must be enabled on the standardized test score detail record type. To check and see if it is enabled on the standardized test score detail record, perform the following steps:

The Standardized Test Score Type query.

  1. Navigate to the System homepage and click on the Standardized Test Score Types query.
  2. Check to see if the "Enabled" column is checked. If it isn't, check it and click Update Records
  3. If you do not see the test score type you are looking for, you'll likely need to add it yourself. Instructions on how to do this can be found in documentation.

Can we use Class > Notes for internal notes, or will those show up anywhere outside of Axiom?

They will not show up anywhere outside of Axiom, you can use these for internal notes.

The "Notes" field on class records does not display anywhere in portals. You can use it for internal notes. 

If there are AP students in the same class as standard level students, can we calculate their GPAs differently?

Sometimes, students can "opt in" to take the class at a higher level, such as AP, while still being in a class with other students who are taking the class at a standard level. Through the “Enrollment Level” field on the students' Class Enrollment records, different students can take the same class for different levels of credit.

The "Enrollment Level" value can be adjusted on the General tab of a student's Class Enrollment record.

These levels can also be taken into account when calculating GPAs. For example, the appropriate "bumps" can be applied to the GPA based on the student's enrollment level. To set this up, a custom GPA is required. Please submit a ticket through Veracross Support if you would like to add additional enrollment levels and GPAs.

Do the "Comments" fields on grade records have a character limit?

No, there is no character limit on "Comments" boxes like the one in the Faculty portal below.

How do we grant substitute teachers class permissions for the day?

This functionality applies to the Employment module. If you do not have the Employment module, to add a substitute teacher to a class so they have access to the class in the portal, you need to add the substitute teacher to the “Permissions” tab of the class record, then remove the permission when they are done.

Navigate to the faculty member's attendance detail record for the date that they will be out. (Run a Find Staff/Faculty Master Attendance query to do so). On this record, turn on the Substitute Required flag and add the substitute teacher's name to the Substitute field if they will be covering for all of the teacher's classes that day. If it's only a couple of classes, select a substitute in the input grid and then click Update.