Attendance & Location Tracking FAQ

Attendance is not working properly for my school today. What should I do to start troubleshooting this?

When attendance isn't working as you expect on a given day, there are a few quick steps you can take to begin troubleshooting that may resolve your issue before you need to submit a ticket through the client support portal.

The "Generate Attendance for Today" procedure, located in the action menu on the System homepage.

  1. From the System homepage, run the "Generate Attendance for Today" procedure in the Action menu.  Then, check a class or student where attendance didn't work properly to see if this corrected the issue. If not...
  2. Navigate to the System or Calendars homepage and go to the Find Group Events query. From the query design, set the Event Type criteria to be "is one of" Holiday and No School Day. Then, set the Start Date criteria to be today's date.
    • both the Holiday and the No School Day event types will not generate Attendance for the day the corresponding Group Event is assigned to.
    • If the event type is No School Day or Holiday and attendance should be generated, you must select a different group event type and save the record. Finally, navigate back to the System homepage and run the "Generate Attendace for Today" procedure.

If Steps 1 & 2 do not solve the issue then please submit a ticket through the client portal. To expedite the troubleshooting process, provide the steps you tried with and weren't successful.  Also include examples of an attendance record, attendance query or class attendance tab that is not showing attendance as expected.

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What does the Imperfect Class Attendance status mean?

Imperfect Class Attendance is a master attendance status that sometimes appears for students who have both Master and Class Attendance taken at their school. It's primarily meant to serve as a flag for the front desk staff letting them know that something about this student's class attendance needs some attention.

This attendance detail indicates that this student has a master attendance status of "Imperfect Class Attendance". 

Imperfect Class Attendance occurs when there is a dicrepency between the master attendance status and one or more class atendance statuses. The two common ways this occurs are if a student:

  • has a master attendance status of some variety of "Absent", but their class attendance statuses do not reflect the master attendance statuses. This commonly presents itself as a student who was late to school and missed the block in which master attendance is taken.
  • has a master attendance status of "Present", but their class attendance statuses do not reflect the master attendance status, either because of an attendance error, or because something unusual is going on with the student's attendance that particular day (e.g. they skipped one of their classes).

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How can a teacher see their student’s master attendance for the day?

If a teacher wishes to see a student's master attendance for the day, they have three options.

To see the value on the Attendance tab of their class in the teacher portal, the "Track Class Attendance" field on the Other tab of a class record, must be set to YES.

Via the Attendance tab

If the “Track Class Attendance” field for a class is set to “Yes”, then a teacher can click on the Attendance tab of their class in the teacher portal and view what their student’s master attendance status was for the day before saving their Class Attendance.

These two methods will work if the “Track Class Attendance” for a class is set to “Yes” or “No”:

Via the Student Profile

  1. Go to the “Find Students” portal component and search for an individual student.
  2. Once the student is selected, the Student Profile displays.
  3. On the “Today” tab of the Student Profile, the student’s Master Attendance Status is displayed.

Via Embedded Query

If you would like for a teacher to be able to view all their students’ attendance statuses, you can embed a query onto the teacher portal with this information. To build this query:

  1.  Start from the “Find Master Attendance” query on the Attendance homepage.
  2.  Add the “My Student” field and set the criteria to be “[is] Yes”.
    •  You can additionally set the field, “Attendance Date” to be “[is] {today}”.

 When this query is viewed by a teacher from the portal, they will see a list of all their students and those students' Master Attendance Status for the day.

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How do I configure a class to set master attendance?

Master Attendance is an important piece of your school's attendance workflow and helps determine a student's default attendance status when teachers are taking attendance for the day.

Master attendance answers a general "Is this person here at school today?" You can view this data from the Attendance homepage.

 Configuring a class to take master attendance must be done by a Veracross Engineer and should be discussed with your Account Manager as well. When you are ready to set up master attendance, generate a ticket through Veracross Support. If you are looking to swap from a class taking class attendance to master attendance instead, you should also submit a ticket with Veracross Support.

The default classes that take master attendance are based on school level and are as follows:

  • Pre-School — Homeroom
  • Lower School — Homeroom
  • Middle School — 1st period of the day
  • Upper School — 1st period of the day

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How can parents report student absences via their parent portal?

You can enable the Student Logistic Request feature in your parent portal to let parents submit absences for the day, cutting down significantly on morning calls and emails about running late and being absent, as well as transportation and extended care updates, if you use those modules. There is a small amount of setup required, but it's self-service and included with your portal. 

Learn more about student logistics requests.

How do I find attendance from a previous year?

To find attendance from any year:

  1. Navigate to the Attendance homepage 
  2. Run a Find Master Attendance or Find Class Attendance query.
    • Set the date and person or class accordingly.
    • Note the school year defaults to the current one, so adjust to a previous one.

Please note that any attendance records with the status of ‘Present’ from previous years are deleted by the system. Only records with non-present attendance statuses, such as ‘Absent’ or ‘Tardy’, or have notes associated with them are retained in the system.

Which all-day group event types affect attendance?

It's important to understand how group event types affect attendance records on occasions where school is cancelled.

If a school has a Group Event with the Event Type of No School Day or Holiday, attendance for that day(s) will not be generated.  Schools should only use these two event types for group events if school is truly not happening on the respective day(s) for that the group event pertains to.

Does my Cohort need to have a Begin & End Date on its main configuration on the General tab?

No.  The Cohort does not need a Begin & End Date as long as the appropriate Grading Period is listed.

Can students be on different rotation days based their cohort?

No. There is not way to based rotation days on cohorts. 

On a cohort record schedule, what does the ALL grading period refer to?

The Grading Period column in the Schedule section on a cohort record. If they are set as "ALL", that means it applies to the entirely of the current school year.

In the context of a cohort, you can think of the ALL grading period as "all-year". It tells the system that this child is 'remote' or 'in-person' during each individual grading period that is included within the date range of the ALL grading period.

For example, if you have an art class that run on quarters and a math class that runs on trimesters and the student is remote all year, you can associate each rotation day with the ALL grading period instead of including both quarter and trimester specific schedules on the cohort.

How do "Late Arrival" and "Early Dismissal" Statuses Work Together on the Student Location Log?

Using the student location log, if a "Late Arrival Time" has been populated for a student, and the student then gets dismissed (Early Dismissal), will the students return to school and selection of "Late Arrival" for the second time in the same day populate a "Return Time" on their attendance record for that day?

Yes. If a student arrives to school late and has a "Late Arrival Time" populated on their attendance record, their second late arrival time of the day (upon returning from being dismissed) will populate in the "Return Time" field on their attendance record.

Is it possible for Faculty to utilize the Student Location Log to check themselves in or out?

No. At this time the Student Location Log can only be used by students.

Who do Attendance Reminder Emails get sent to?

Attendance Reminder Emails can be enabled to send automated emails to teachers who have not yet taken attendance in one or more of their classes on a given day. To learn more about setting these up, please review documentation here.

A tyical "Attendance Not Taken" email template that can be configured to automatically send to teachers who haven't submitted attendance.

These attendance reminder emails are only sent to the Primary Teacher of the class. To see who the Primary Teacher of a class is, you can view this and other teacher permissions on the "Permissions" tab of a Class Record in Axiom.

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Why isn't imperfect attendance triggered when I set a student's master attendance to one of our unique attendance statuses in the Present category?

When a student's master attendance is set to Present, it has to be the default Present  status (ID 0), otherwise imperfect attendance will not generate. The reason behind this is the system is not built to support different types of present statuses and — as a result — they are not acknowledged in the code setup to trigger imperfect attendance.

If you are trying to flag the student as Present-Remote, Veracross recommends that you utilize the cohort functionality.

How do I batch add students to a cohort?

Once you have added the cohort record, you can follow the steps below to batch add students to the cohort:

  1. In a different tab, create a query that shows you the students you want to add to a particular cohort. Be sure that the Person ID field is displaying in the query.
  2. Copy all of the values in the Person ID field from the query results. To do this, type Ctrl + Shift + C (PC) or Cmd + Shift + C (macOS) and select the Person ID field. 
  3. Return back to your tab with the cohort and click "Add Record..." on the "Students" tab of the cohort record.
  4. Click the magnifying glass to bring up the advanced search window.
  5. Paste the results (Ctrl + V (PC) or Cmd + V (MacOS)) in the Person ID field. It will paste a semicolon-delimited list.
  6. Click "Run Query."
  7. The same people from your query are shown. To select them all, Shift+Click on the last record in the list and then click "Select Person".

Can you adjust attendance reminder emails to be configured for class attendance instead of master attendance?

There is a system scheduled job for attendance reminders that is set up to send the attendance reminder email to teachers of master attendance classes. Sometimes, you may not be interested in this functionality since you don't take the equivalent of a "master attendance" at your school and — instead — want these emails to be triggered by class attendance instead.

You are able to adjust attendance reminder emails to be configured for class attendance instead of master attendance, but this must be done by Veracross. If you are interested in this functionality, please reach out to your account manager.

Can we configure attendance so that it doesn't trigger “Imperfect Master Attendance” if a student is late/tardy for class?

The automatic switch to “Imperfect Class Attendance” when there is a difference between the Master and Class Attendance for that day is an intentional feature designed to help schools manage potential attendance issues and cannot be configured to not trigger this functionality.

You can read more about attendance in documentation.

Why is the Attendance Detail document blank?

Usually, when the attendance detail documet is blank, it's because the 'Active Grading Period' parameter is incorrect. The data displayed on the Attendance detail report is controlled by the 'Active Grading Period' parameter. This parameter is available on the System homepage under System Configuration.

To display data on the report, flag the current grading periods on the parameter.

When are master attendance records created?

All master attendance records for students, faculty, and staff are created seven (7) days in advance with the attendance status of Present.

Is it normal for faculty/staff attendance to generate on "No School" days?

Yes — it is standard functionality that faculty/staff attendance generates on "No School" days. No school days are designed to be used for days when faculty and staff come to school, but students do not (e.g., staff development days). 

Faculty/staff attendance will only not generate on "Holiday" days. An example of when you should use the Holiday event type is when school is closed completely (e.g., during the winter break).

We are using an alternate block schedule for today. Why are our student schedule documents not reflecting the correct classes/times?

The schedule document is designed to only show the standard schedule and — because of this — does not reflect alternate block schedules. 

You can, however, view the current day schedule with the appropriate classes and times on the Daily Schedule of the Student Portal.

You can read more about the Schedule Document in our documentation here.

Should I delete generated attendance records after adding a ‘No School’ event for a snow day?

After adding a "No School" event for a snow day, you may be wondering what to do about all the attendance records that were generated seven days prior. This depends on whether the snow day was scheduled in advance (e.g., you are anticipating a huge storm tomorrow and are cancelling school pre-emptively) or you are cancelling school and creating the "Now School" event on the day of.

If you are cancelling school with a "No School" event on the day of, perform the following steps:

  1. From the Attendance homepage, open the Master Attendance query and filter the query results to display all master attendance records for today (the snow day).
  2. From the Action Menu in the results, run the ‘Batch Delete Records’ procedure to remove all the master attendance records.

If you cancel school via a "No School" event and the nightly scripts run prior to the day that is cancelled, those attendance records are automatically deleted in the overnight scripts, so no further actions on your part are necessary.