Advisor Dashboard

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Advisors, homeroom teachers, and dorm parents often need to view academic information about their advisees, such as assignment issues, attendance, behaviors, and comments submitted by teachers. This information can help mentors provide guidance to students so they can succeed in their academic and social life at school, as well as identify which students might require attention and help them analyze trends with particular students over time.

The Advisor Dashboard provides the ability for advisors to see information about their advisees directly in their Teacher Portal. It provides summary details of class-specific data for each student over time. Advisor-specific information is also included on the student’s profile on the “Notifications” tab accessible through the Advisee homepage.

Note: The term “advisor” will be used in this article to discuss this portion of the Teacher Portal, but the same functionality exists for homeroom teachers and dorm parents.

The Advisor Dashboard is an extra cost feature. If you are interested in purchasing the Advisor Dashboard please contact your account manager.

Setting Up Advisors

The Advisor Dashboard is available as a component on the Teacher Portal. Students in Advisory, Homeroom, or Dorm classes will be displayed if the teacher has the correct class permissions. On the class permission record, the Teacher Portal Visibility flag must be checked and the teacher needs to have the correct class permissions:

  • for Advisory course type: Primary or Additional Teacher
  • for Dorm course type: Primary Teacher, Additional Teacher, Dorm Head, Dorm Parent, or Adjunct Dorm Parent

Advisor Screens

There are three screens that make up the Advisor portion of the Teacher Portal:

  1. Homepage Advisee List
  2. Student Notification Calendar
  3. Student Notification Week Detail

These screens are designed to lead the Advisor through a tour of their advisees’ academic and social performance at the school. The homepage provides summary data of all attendance, assignments, behavior, and comment notifications for all the Advisor’s students across all their classes. The Student Notification Calendar narrows the focus to one student and plots each Notification by day, providing an “aerial” view of the student’s performance. The Student Notification Week Detail narrows the focus even more by drilling into a specific days in a week and displaying detail cards for each Notification category. These three screens work together to provide targeted information for Advisor’s about each of their students.

Homepage Advisee List

The homepage presents a rolled-up report of all Student Notifications for all their classes. There are four categories of information that factor into the report: attendance, assignments, behavior, and comments. Together these categories are referred to as Notifications. Notifications are sorted by time segments to enable Advisors to make quick comparisons between yesterday and today, and this week and last week. The numbers in each of the time columns represent the sum total of all Notifications the student has received for all their classes in that given time frame. A color-coded graph is included next to the number to indicate what Notification categories are making up that number.

This report is dynamic, which means Advisors can choose to factor in whatever Notification category they would like. If only the sum total of behavior and comments over the given time frames, then the assignments and attendance can be unchecked. The number and graph will only total behavior and comment Notifications for each student.

Advisors can also sort how their advisee list is displayed. Sort options include: time filters (yesterday, today, this week, or last week) and alphabetical. The default sort order is by total number of Notifications for this week in descending order.

Clicking on any of the time columns for a particular student will open the Student Notification Calendar (i.e. Notification tab on the student profile).

Student Notification Calendar

The Student Notification Calendar is a tab on the student profile. It can be accessed by clicking on any number in the time column on the Advisee homepage or through the Notification tab on the student’s profile. The calendar summarizes the same information as the homepage, but presents it as a calendar report so Advisors are able to view a student’s Notifications over time. Presenting a specific student’s Notifications in this way provides an “aerial” perspective of the student’s performance. This view may help Advisors recognize students that need attention and help them analyze trends with the student over time.

For example: Viewing a student’s Notifications from a calendar report could reveal that the student has a Class Tardy Notification every Tuesday for their Block 2 class for the past three weeks.

Advisors see Notifications for all attendance statuses, behaviors, and comments entered for a student. Assignment Notifications will only display for “problem” assignments. A problem assignment is defined as an assignment with the completion status of not turned in, late, incomplete, or no credit.

Note: In the event that a notification is created and the “Assigned to” field is utilized filled in with an employee other than the advisor, the notification will nonetheless display for both the assignee and the advisor in their respective portals.

The Master Attendance status for the day is also included at the top of the day block.

Notification Colors

For each Notification that a student receives in a given day, the Notification is represented by a colored dot. Hovering over the dot reveals details about the Notification. Each color represents a Notification:

  • Red: Class Absence
  • Purple: Class Early Dismissal
  • Orange: Class Tardy
  • Blue: Assignment Problem
  • Black: Behavior
  • Green: Comment


Advisors may view the Notifications in each day block by category or subject.

  • Category
    Viewing Notifications by category will group each Notification by assignment, attendance, behavior, or comment.
  • Subject
    Viewing Notifications by subject will group each Notification by the subject of the class in which the Notification was received. Each subject is abbreviated to by first initial.

Student Notification Week Detail

The Student Notification Week Detail expands a particular week in the calendar. Clicking anywhere in the week on the Student Notification Calendar will open the Notification details for that week. This screen provides Advisors with a detailed summary of each Notification the student received on each day of the week. The Week Detail is organized by day and shows one Notification card per category.


Notification cards are arranged by category (i.e. assignment, attendance, behavior, and comment). A student receives a card for each Notification they have received for that day. Each card is color-coded per Notification category to allow Advisors to quickly scan the list for particular Notifications. If needed, Advisors can act on Notifications using the Action Items in the upper right corner of each card.