Withdrawal and Decline Forms

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The Withdraw and Decline Forms are not a required component of ORE and OE, but can be optionally turned on if schools would like to capture specific information from parents about why they are withdrawing (ORE) or declining (OE).

This form can be added as a component to the Online Re-Enrollment or Online Enrollment homepage configuration. If this section is added, it will appear in a yellow on the ORE or OE homepage. Parents generally select a withdraw/decline reason from the drop-down menu for each of their children and provide further explanation for why they are not re-enrolling or enrolling.

Withdrawal Form

When a parent opens the Withdrawal Form from the ORE homepage, they will be presented with a list of all their children eligible to withdraw (i.e. have not completed a contract). Parents can select from the list of withdrawing reasons (e.g. moving, financial, enrolling elsewhere, etc.) for each child and indicate why they are withdrawing their child. Typically, they would also fill out a “Reason for Withdrawing” notes field.

Once a child is withdrawn from the school, their role will immediately switch to “Former Student” and their information will no longer be visible on the Online Re-Enrollment homepage.

Decline Form

When a parent opens the Decline Form from the OE homepage, they will be presented with a checkbox where they can indicate that they will be declining the offer to enroll their child at the school. Typically, they would also fill out a “Reason for Declining” notes field.

Schools have the option to include a School Chosen section on the form. The School Chosen dropdown is powered by a profile code called “Online Enrollment (OE) Decline School”. The profile code should be applied to all organizations that should appear as an option.

Once a child has declined enrollment at the school, their role will immediately switch to “Applicant – Former” and their information will no longer be visible on the Online Enrollment homepage. The Applicant – Former will be added to the Members tab of the chosen school’s Organization record with the relationship of “Other School Chosen”.

Form Configuration

Schools have the ability to customize their Withdraw/Decline process. By default, Withdraw Reason and Withdraw Reason Notes are displayed. This configuration is located on the Online Re-Enrollment and Online Enrollment Configuration queries. To make changes here, speak with your Account Manager.

The below default configuration will show in Withdraw/Decline section under Config:

  HideWithdrawReason: false,
  HideWithdrawReasonNotes: false, 
  DisplayDeclineOffer: false, 
  DisplayDeclineOfferReason: false, 
  DisplaySchoolChosen: false

Label Options

The below default configuration will show in Withdraw/Decline section under Labels:

  PageTitle: "Decline Offer Form / Withdraw Form",
  WithdrawLink: "Decline Offer / Withdraw",
  WithdrawReason: "Withdraw Reason",
  WithdrawReasonNotes: "Reason for Withdrawing",
  DeclineOffer: "Decline Offer",
  DeclineMessage: "I decline to enroll at {SchoolNameLong}",
  DeclineOfferReason: "Reason for Declining",
  SchoolChosen: "School Chosen",
  SchoolChosenSpecify: "Other: Please Specify",
  FormDisabled: "Online withdrawing is not available.",
  NoStudents: "You have no students eligible to withdraw at this time."

Please speak with your Account Manager if questions arise regarding this configuration.

Text Configuration

There are three areas of text a school can configure with the Withdrawal/Decline Form: text on the homepage, header text and footer text on the form.

Homepage Text

Instructional text can be included above the Withdrawal Form and the Decline Offer Form links. This text can be edited by clicking on the Edit Home link on the Online (Re)Enrollment Home Section detail screen and editing the Withdrawing or Decline Offer Section.

Header Text

Information text included on the form itself is edited from the “Text Templates” tab in either the Online Enrollment Config or Online Re-Enrollment Config links in Axiom. Schools can specify a different header on the Withdraw/Decline offer forms depending on the context:

  • For OE, the template is “Enrollment_Decline_Main_Header”
  • For ORE, the template is “Enrollment_Withdraw_Main_Header”

Footer Text

Schools can specify a footer in the “Enrollment_Withdraw_Main_Footer” text template.