Why isn't my new channel appearing on the Communications homepage?

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When you create a new channel, sometimes it will not appear in the Channels query on the Communications homepage at all! Usually, this is because of a single reason: the new channel's category.

Creating a new channel record. By default, the Category field is set as "<None Specified>".

When creating a new channel, by default, the Category field is set as "<None Specified>". This is an issue because the embedded query on the Communications homepage excludes channels with the <None Specified> category by default. It is good practice to always set a channel's category when creating a new channel. To adjust the category of an existing channel, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the General tab of the channel's record.
  2. Update the Category field to be anything besides "<None Specified>".
    • If none of the current categories make sense for the channel you are creating, you can create new channel categories from the Add menu on the Communications homepage.
  3. Click Update.