Why is a class displaying twice on the transcript?

There are several reasons that can cause classes to display twice on the transcript but the likely issue and solution is described here. In every case, the best place to start when investigating this issue is the transcript items, as they are what actually display on the transcript document.

  1. From the Find Transcripts query on the System homepage, query the student, click View Detail and navigate to the  Transcript Items tab.
  2. Click the pop out icon to the right of each duplicate transcript item to open the record.
  3. Check to see if the transcript items are associated with different class enrollments.
  4. Navigate to the Schedule tab on the student record to match up transcript items as shown in the screenshot above.

Different enrollment ID's can indicate that a student has transferred between sections of a course. When grades are posted to the transcript from both enrollments, the class displays once for each. If you do not want the former class to display, it is important to ensure that the Exclude From Transcript field on the old class is toggled to "YES".

To display the grades from both enrollments on the same line on the transcript, here are the steps.

  1. Move the grades from the old class enrollment to the new class enrollment. You can do this manually or by using one of the procedures on the Action menu of the enrollment. See this article for more information on this process.
  2. Post the grades you just moved to the transcript so that a new transcript item is created that is associated with the new class enrollment.
  3. Delete the transcript item that is associated with the old class.

If after working through these steps your problem still isn't solved, please submit a ticket through our client support portal.