Why does the Likely To Yield field on an Admission Candidate record revert to 'None Specified'?

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The quick answer is that the candidate does not have an application. 

Here's a bit more detail: You can use the "Likely to Yield" field on an admissions application to indicate a candidate's likeliness of accepting your admission offer. The field exists on the application record, though it also is displayed on the candidate record. 

  • An admission candidate who does not have an application — i.e., an admission lead or prospect — cannot have a "Likely to Yield" value. Therefore the "Likely to Yield" value on the candidate record will alway say "<none specified>". It will revert to that value if you change it.
  • Once the candidate has an application record for their current admission history record — i.e., they are an applicant — you can then update the "Likely to Yield" value on either the person record or on the application record. 

If you want to update the "Likely to Yield" value and are note able to, you need to add an application record for the candidate.

  • If you are using the admission portal, they will be automatically upgraded to an applicant and have an application record created when they complete all of the "Required for Application" checklist items.
  • You can manually add an application on the Admissions homepage.