Why does a household display a Giving History for a campaign with no corresponding gifts listed on the Gift Detail tab?

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The giving history is based on the household and displays gift information for anyone who is a member of the household who made a gift to the corresponding campaign.

  • Only hard and soft credit gifts are displayed on the Gift Detail tab. 
  • If the gift was made in the name of someone else, but no soft credit was added, the donation will not be displayed on any other records associated to the household. 

To view all gifts associated with the giving history record: 

  1. Click the "pop-out" icon associated with the giving history you would like to view 
  2. Click on the Gifts tab in the detail record. 

Note the following:

  • Updating the donation to add soft credits will display the gift.
  • In cases of divorce or separation, it may be necessary to split out the households instead of updating the gift to add a soft credit.