Why are late enrollee schedules showing their classes as "unscheduled" on their schedule document?

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If someone's class schedule is not displaying what you expect, the first thing to check is the Scheduling Reference Date parameter. This parameter determines which class enrollments show on the schedule document. You want to make sure that the date set on this parameter is both within the correct grading period and also is after a student’s “late date enrolled” value. 

  • For example, say your grading period starts on 9/1/20 and ends on 10/31/20, and your current “Scheduling Reference Date" is set to 9/10/20. 
  • If you have a student whose “late date enrolled” is 10/1/20, then you’ll want to update the “Scheduling Reference Date” to something like 10/2/20 for their document to show up as expected. 

To help avoid issues like this, it is recommended to set the “Scheduling Reference Date” to a date near the end of the grading period so that class changes are reflected without needing to adjust it.