Why are faculty/staff biographies not showing on the portal?

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If you’ve entered in faculty/staff biographies — but they are not showing on the portal — you’ll want to check your configuration on the Faculty and Staff Directory Type, which can be found in the lower left right hand side of the Portal Admin homepage. Here, under the “Configuration” tab, you’ll want to look for the “Biography Display Status” where you’ll have the following options of a value to select:

  • 0 - hide field
  • 1 - show field when data present 
  • 2 - always show field

If you’re trying to display biographies, select either values “1" or “2" with “1” being used to only display for faculty members that have their biography field populated and “2” for when you want the field to always be there, regardless of if it’s populated. 

One last step you’ll want to take is to be sure to run the procedure “Refresh Directory Entries” from the action menu on this directory screen to get the biographies to fully display. Note that this procedure should be ran whenever any updates to biographies are made.