Why are classes not displaying in the portals?

There are a number of reasons classes may not be displaying in the portal properly. Before submitting a ticket through Veracross Support, be sure to check that the following things are true:

If everything is configured correctly, today's classes should appear when looking at your portal.

  • On the Grade Levels query, check that 'Enable Portal Schedules' is set to YES
  • On the Review Class Configuration query, check that 'Parent Portal Visibility' and 'Student Portal Visibility' fields are set to SHOW
  • On Portal Admin > Configuration tab, check that the 'school_year' is set to the current school year. If it is not, run the 'Roll School Year Forward' procedure from the action menu.
  • Ensure that the 'Scheduling Reference Date' parameter is:
    • within the grading period
    • not set to a weekend day, a 'no school' day, or a day with an alternate block schedule
  • Check the 'Active Grading Period' parameter

If you've done all of the above, please submit a ticket through Veracross Support for further assistance.