Where Is Student/Faculty Now?

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The “Where is Student Now?” and “Where is Faculty Now?” features search for a student or teacher’s location at the current moment. The query uses data from across the system, taking into account the person’s class or teaching, athletic, and program schedule, free periods, events, health office visits, and transportation arrangements (if configured).

Running the “Where Is Student Now?” and “Where is Faculty Now?” Queries

Available on the Main homepage in the middle “Today” section, click “Where is Student Now?” or “Where is Faculty Now?” to design the preferred query query. Specify criteria, e.g., to search for a particular student or group of students and run the query. Additional fields can be pulled in, e.g., additional contact information.

The most significant field in the results grid is “Current Location,” which displays where the student or faculty member is at the current time.

Integrated Data

When querying a student or teacher’s location at any given time, the system takes the following into account for each person

  • class/teaching schedule and master attendance (e.g., absent, dismissal; master attendance notes are displayed)
  • program schedule, including after-school activities
  • group events (e.g., assemblies, school trips). If the person declines the group event, they will not show up there
  • medical visits
  • transportation schedule (if configured)

The “Where Is Student Now?” and “Where Is Faculty Now?” queries are only as useful as the data that are in the system. For instance, if a student goes to the health center at 1:00 pm, but the visit is not logged in Axiom, Veracross would report that the student is still in class (or wherever the scheduled location is) at that time.

Student Location on Parent and Teacher Portals

A student’s current location is available on both the parent and teacher portals.

Parent Portal

Parents are able to see a child’s location directly on the parent portal. Located on the bottom right of the homepage, to the right of attendance, report cards, etc., is “Current Location.”

Teacher Portal

A student’s location is available on the Student Profile pop-up window, found by clicking on a student’s name in a class roster. Learn more about the Student Profile.