Where do I find student policies?

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Student policies can be used in a variety of contexts, typically during the online enrollment period, but they're only useful if you know where to find them! You can locate student policies in the following locations:

Student Record

The School Policies tab of a student record .

Student Enrollment Record

The Enr Policies tab on a student's enrollment record, accessible from the Enrollment tab on the student record.

Online Enrollment Homepage

The Find Student Enrollment Policies query on the Online Enrollment homepage.

System Homepage

The Find Person/Household Policies query on the System homepage.

Emergency Profile Document

If configured, school policies are displayed on the emergency profile document. To display policies on that document:

  • The policy must have the “Display on Document” field set to “Yes”
  • The emergency profile document must have the “School Policies” section enabled (Documents homepage > Configured Documents section > Emergency Profile Document > Parameters tab > Set “Show ‘School Policies’ Section” value to “1"

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