How do I add/edit/view enrollment policy form responses?

Enrollment policy form responses let you configure options for policy forms typically used during enrollment and are controllable by schools. To read more about enrollment policies, please read our documentation here. To access enrollment policy form responses, perform the following steps:

Viewing Policy Form Responses

  1. From the Online Enrollment homepage, click on the Policy Responses query link in the Integrated Forms section.
  2. Click into the enrollment policy response group record by clicking the value in either the ID or Description field.

Editing Policy Form Responses

  1. Follow the directions above in the "Viewing Policy Form Responses" section.
  2. Make edits in the detail screen to match what you are looking for.
  3. Click Update.

Creating Policy Form Responses

  1. From either the Online Enrollment or System homepages, hover over the "+Add" button and click the Policy Response option.
  2. Build out the detail screen to mirror what you'd like.
  3. Click the Add Record button.