When will payments hit a school's bank account?

Once funds are received into the Bluesnap merchant account, the payouts (to school's bank account) should appear in your school's bank account on the next business day. However, there’s a difference between credit card (CC) payments and automated clearing house (ACH) payments.

  • If parents are paying by CC, the payments clear automatically and appear in school’s bank account the next day
    • There may be a cutoff time late in the day. In case a CC payment is made specifically before the cutoff time, it would would appear the next day. If it happens after the cutoff time, it may take an additional day.
  • If parents are paying by ACH, the payments have to clear the bank and then hit the Bluesnap merchant account before being deposited into school's bank account 
    • This process could take a few days and is bank-dependent.