When using the importer to import financial aid details, how does the data appear in Axiom?

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When using the Financial Aid import type, the system uses the data in the first four columns of the import template — in conjunction with the ‘year applying for’ value for the Person ID — to match financial details to an existing financial aid application. If no financial aid application exists, a new one is created.

Any of the columns after the four required columns on the template appear as separate rows on the ‘Financial Details’ tab of the financial aid application record. If on the import template you list the same FA candidate twice (two rows), then the values in the second row are recorded in the ‘Household 2 Value’ column in Axiom.

Here is an visual example of the correlation between the import template and Axiom:

Example SSS (Financial Details) import template populated with financial details data...

...the ‘Financial Details’ tab of a financial aid application after the import.

You’ll notice that the import automatically inserts notes to indicate the time that the data was imported and the source, which is based on which version of the import template was used (SSS or TADS).

The fields on the ‘Financial Details’ tab are editable, so you can edit them after import if needed. You can also manually add additional rows using the green ‘Add Record’ button.

Finally, please note that this import type is additive, meaning that if you import spreadsheets with the same data, you will create duplicate rows.