When I ran the Post Transcript Grades procedure, 0 records were affected. Why did it not work?

For transcript grades to post, the Report Card grades must be both posted and locked. To check and make sure they are all posted and locked, use the Find Posted Grades query on the System or School Level homepages. This query shows you all grade records for the current school year, so it is generally best to filter it for the school level and grading period in which you are looking to view grades for.

Additionally, you should double check that your Courses are correctly associated to a Transcript Course record. You can do this by going to the “Transcript Courses” tab of a Course record and ensuring there is a Transcript Course there. You can also check this by going to the Find Transcript Courses query from the System Homepage, and bringing in the “Course” field or “Internal Course ID” field and ensure that those fields are filled out, where the Internal Course ID field is where the connection between the records is built. If there is not a Course associated to the Transcript Course, you can get the Internal Course ID number from the Course List query in your system and update the records.

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