When does an active class become closed?

Occasionally, a class you don't think should be marked as closed automaticallyhas its Status changed from "Active" to "Closed" during Veracross's nightly scripts, and it may be difficult to determine why.

In the "Ends" date on a class record is in the past, the nightly scripts will automatically update the class's status from "Active" to "Closed".

The reason why the system may switch classes from "Active" to "Completed" automatically during the nightly scripts is because the "Ends" date field on the General tab is set for a date that has already passed. This field is mirrored by the End Date field on the Schedule tab of a class record.

To prevent this from happening, be sure that the Start Date and End Date fields (or Starts and Ends fields) for a class are set properly for dates in the future that won't trigger this response from the nightly scripts.