When building a query that actively updates based on the Active Grading Period, which Grading Period parameter should I use?

There are multiple parameters you can use to build your query to actively update based on the current or active grading period. These options are:

  • {Current_Reporting_Period} — the mid period associated with the active minor grading period of the applicable school level's primary grading group, as long as "today" is between two weeks after the beginning and end dates of the mid period of the same name
  • {All_Active_Grading_Periods} —  all non-obsolete minor grading periods that are currently marked as "Active"
  • {All_Current_Grading_Periods} — all non-obsolete minor grading periods for which today is between the begin and end dates

You can see the configuration of your Grading Periods (mid, major, minor) through the Grading Periods query on the System Homepage. For clarification on what mid, major, and minor grading periods are, please see this documentation.