What's the difference between the Classifications Exist (by Date) and Classifications List (by Date) function fields?

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Here are some tips on the information you can get using these two helpful function fields:

Classifications Exist (by Date)

  • Displays a yes/no flag to indicate whether or not a record has any or all of the classifications set in the parameters for the time frame specified.
  • It is not connected to the Classifications field. 
  • If both the function and classification fields, the results will display as "yes" for all records regardless of the start/end dates on the classification record itself.

Classifications List (by Date)

  • Displays the classifications selected within the time frame specified within the parameter settings.
  • Does not require the Classification field to be included in the query results.
  • Use the parameters to set the classifications you are querying on
  • Set the criterion filter field to set the filter to view only records with those classifications indicated in the parameters