What's a quick way to change the VCPay registration status on an AR Invoice from "N/A" to "Required?"

If a household with an active saved Payment Account in their VC Wallet is unable to enroll their AR Invoice in AutoPay, check the "Registration Status" of the AR Invoice.

If the "VCPay Registration Status" is set to "N/A" that indicates that they do not have registration records.  You can check the Registration Status from the Registration Status tab on the AR Invoice.  In order to enroll in AutoPay, the family must register for VC Pay first. 

To set VC Pay Registration to required, you will want to run the "Create Registration Records" Action button from the Invoice. 


  1. Open the AR Invoice
  2. Click on the Action button
  3. Select the "Create Registration Records" action and press UPDATE
  4.  Confirm that the status has changed from "N/A" to "Required"