What is the difference between Current Reporting Period, All Active Grading Periods, and All Current Grading Periods?

When building a query, the "Grading Period" field (not to be confused with the "Grading Periods" field) is helpful to filter by when looking for specific records. It is important to understand exactly what each of the values mean so you can use them effectively.

  • Current_Reporting_Period — the mid period associated with active minor grading period of the primary grading period group.
  • All_Active_Grading_Periods — all active minor grading periods that are not marked as obsolete.
  • All_Current_Grading_Periods — all minor grading periods in which the current day is between the begin and end dates.

To learn more about major and minor grading periods and how they are set up, we suggest you read our documentation.