What is the “Accomplishment” System Form in AP3 for and how do I use it?

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The Accomplishment system form in AP3 is used to collect applicants' interests or activities that they are involved in and their proficiency in that interest, their years of experience, and any award(s) the candidate may have received in that interest/activity. This data is then mapped to the database and saved to the Interests tab of the admission candidate record.

To utilize this form, you should ensure that there is an Admission Checklist Item for the Registration Season with the Widget Type of “Accomplishments” (these are created at the time of your AP3 installation, so there should not be a need to create new ones). When in the Registration Season Checklist Item record, in the Widget Settings section, the Web Form should be defined as “Accomplishments”.

If you are using the Accomplishments System Form as a checklist item, you do not have to use the Interests System Form or an Interests only checklist Item. The Accomplishments form collects the interests as well as the additional information.

Your school’s Interests that show in the drop-down of the Accomplishments form can be seen via the Person Interests query.  If you would like any of these interests removed, so that they do not show in the Interest drop-down menu, please submit a ticket to our Technical Support Team with the list of interests to remove, and our engineers can make that update. Interests can be added via the “+Add” menu from the system homepage and selecting “Person Interests”. The Proficiencies can be seen in the Person Interest Proficiency query in your system. If you would like adjustments made to the proficiencies, please submit a ticket to our Technical Support Team with your requests and our engineers can make the changes for you.