What happens during the nightly scripts?

As of July 12, 2021, this "Learn Veracross" site has been deprecated.  It will remain live at least through December 23, 2021, but will no longer be updated. Q&A articles are only visible to authenticated users in the Veracross Community; please speak with your implementation or account manager for additional information.

The nightly scripts are a collection of procedures that help maintain system and data integrity. The nightly scripts include procedures like:

  • Refresh Portal Membership
  • Execute Integrity Checks
  • Generate Attendance Records
  • Refresh Person Classifications

A more specific list of procedures that run in your database can be viewed in the Operations Log, found in the upper right corner of the System homepage. If you look at the start/end times, you'll see a collection of procedures that run at approximately the same time each day. The exact list of system operations vary from school-to-school based on installed module configuration and the amount of data in the database.

The other way to see what records are modified during the nightly scripts is to run an Audit Log query based on the times at which the procedures were run. You can find the Audit Log query in the upper left corner of the System homepage.

  • Example Scenario: You observe in the Operations Log that a collection of procedures are running from 3:00am-4:00am. Open an audit log query and select the field for Update Date (Local). In the field properties, select "date is between" from the dropdown menu; enter "today} 03:00:00" in the first box and "{today} 04:00:00" in the second box. Run the query and you'll see records that were updated at the same time as the system procedures.

It is important to note that the Operations Log and the Audit Log only give a high-level view view of the nightly scripts. If you are troubleshooting a problem in your system and you believe the source is an action during the nightlies, please reach out and generate a ticket through the client support portal for additional assistance.