What does the enrollment status of "RNA" mean?

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There are three enrollment statuses that are prepended with the letters "RNA"; this stands for "Received No Application". These enrollment statuses are typically applied when a future student is moved forward to the enrollment stage without sufficient admissions data. The three RNA enrollment statuses are:

  • RNA: No Application Submitted — no application record is present.
  • RNA: Pending Admissions Decision — the admission decision is set as "Pending".
  • RNA: Application Withdrawn/Denied — an application record is present, but the admission decision is "Denied" or "Application Withdrawn".

The Enrollment tab of an alum who — for the 16-17 school year — had an RNA enrollment status.

In most situations, an RNA enrollment status signifies a data integrity issue that likely steps from issues during data migration. If you have a number of RNA enrollment statuses, please reach out to your Implementation or Account Manager for next steps.