What do the "550" and "554" email bounce errors mean?

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The "550" and "504" errors are on the email recipient's email provider side and not a Veracross error and are the response Veracross receives from the email provider when attempting to send an email to the address on file.

Error 550 typically means that the recipient of the email could not be reached. This code can come up for many reasons, including an incorrect email address.

To resolve this, we recommend confirming their email address and making any necessary updates.

Error 554 usually means that the receiving server sees something in the From or To Headers of the message that it doesn't like.

This is typically caused by a spam filter so we recommend anyone who is having issues receiving emails whitelist the two domains that VC emails come from (@email.veracross.com and @mail.veracross.com) to clarify with the email provider that these messages are not spam and should not be filtered.

You can find more information about email delivery statuses here: