What are Grade Distribution Reports and how can I update them?

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Grade Distribution Reports are default reports, found on the lower left corner of the school-level homepages. There are two reports available:

  • Grade Distribution Report
  • Grade Distribution Report (Letter)

These reports show the distribution of posted grades for each course within that school level. The first report shows a count of grades by numeric value, and the second report shows a count of grades by letter value.

The reports pull data based on three reporting parameters, which can be found in the lower right corner of the school level homepages, seen here:

Those parameters are:

You can adjust the parameters based on which grading period and grade level you want included in the grade distribution reports. Please note that while the ‘Current School Year’ setting is specific to the logged-in user, the other two settings will change the reporting parameter setting for all users, so it may impact others if they are running the reports at the same time.

Once you’ve adjusted the parameters, you should log out of Axiom and back in again to ensure that the parameters have been applied. Once you have logged back in, you should see results populated in the Grade Distribution Reports.