We've created our Grade Review configurations, why can't we see the reviews in the faculty portal?

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If Grade Review configurations exist, but you can't see anything in the faculty portal, there are a few fields to check before submitting a ticket:

  1. Do review records exist? Check the Grade & Comment Review homepage, Pipeline section, the Active Review Period Overview table. If this table is empty proceed to step 2. If this table has record counts in the Not Ready Reviews column, move to step 3.
  2. Is grade review active for the grading period? In the Management section of the Grade & Comment Review homepage, click on the Grading Periods (Review Active) query. Look at the Grade Review Active column highlighted in yellow. Find the row for the grading period in which your school is working and make sure that the Grade Review Active value is set to "Yes".
  3. Run the Create Reviews From Configuration procedure. On the Grade & Comment Review homepage, click the lightning bolt icon and select this action. If there were any Configurations that did not yet have review records, you should see the values in the Active Review Period Overview table change.
  4. Have you added the link to the faculty portal? To allow faculty to interact with the Grade and Comment Review portal interface, a button will need to be added to a component page with the portal short cut link:


    Read our documentation on Portal screen building here.

If some faculty are able to access their review records while others show an empty screen, you may need to review the following:

  • Course "Allow Reviews" field value
  • Grade Review Configuration filters