Webinars: Admissions and Enrollment

Webinar: Revisioning Your Applicants’ Journey (Part 1): Top of Funnel Strategies

07/14/2020David Kopchick
Veracross is partnering with the Enrollment Management Association to discuss new strategies as your department responds to the challenges created by COVID-19. This is part 1 of a four part "Revisioning Your Applicant's Journey" webinar series.

Webinar: "This Student's GAF, YAF, FA, and Checklist Are All Wrong. What Now?" Troubleshooting Enrollment Problems

01/16/2020Ian Drummond
Do you love a juicy enrollment question? Probably not, but we've got someone who does! Join Implementation Manager Alek Duba in this webinar in which he'll take you through some of the ins and outs of common enrollment problems.

Webinar: "How Many Contract Text Inserts Will We Need?" Optimizing Your Online Re-Enrollment Tune-Up Experience

11/14/2019Ian Drummond
Getting ready for an online re-enrollment (ORE) tune-up? Join Veracross Account Manager Alek Duba as he guides you through some of the key decisions in configuring ORE for your current families. Consider different configuration strategies to minimize your setup time and ease the path to re-enrollment for your families.

Webinar: "Who hasn't completed their application yet?" Use Function Fields to Know Where Applicants Are In the Admission Process

10/17/2019Ian Drummond
Function fields are powerful "filters" that let you create your own on-the-fly calculated fields. They exist all over Axiom, and this week, join Admission Product Area Consultant Jamal Shipman as he shows you how to use them to generate powerful insights into your applicant pool.

Webinar: Don't Forget About Your "Stealth" Applicants

10/10/2019Ian Drummond
It can be straightforward to stay in touch with your applicants who regularly make themselves known — parents call, email, schedule tours, and are front and center on your radar. But what about the "stealth" applicants who will likely make up a significant portion of next year's incoming class? In this webinar, explore ideas for using Veracross to keep these "stealth" applicants engaged in your admission process.

Webinar: What's New in Admissions

04/29/2019Ian Drummond
In this webinar, Don Humpton gave a preview of the new features coming to the admission portal 3.0 and talked about the implementation process.

Webinar: Plan For the Best, Prepare for the Trickiest: Capacity Planning and Common Admissions Enrollment Exceptions

12/06/2018David Kopchick
In this webinar, we learned about capacity planning and how to handle common admissions/enrollment exceptions, such as prospects who apply for the wrong year, or a change that comes in the middle of the admissions season.

Webinar: Online Enrollment 1: Understanding the Implementation Process and Responsibilities

10/31/2018David Kopchick
In this webinar, we learn about the implementation process for Online Enrollment and responsibilities surrounding this process.

Webinar: Online Enrollment 2: Brief Demo

10/31/2018David Kopchick
In this webinar, we watch a brief demonstration of the Online Enrollment module and begin considering how we should set up our own online enrollment.

Webinar: Online Enrollment 3: Configuration Overview

10/31/2018David Kopchick
In this webinar, we talk about all the configuration options available for when you are setting up online enrollment.