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Webinar "Are They Remote or In Person Today?" Tracking Remote and In-Person Learners

08/25/2020David Kopchick
With schools entertaining a variety of reopening scenarios this fall, Veracross school community product manager Thad White will show you a new record type in Veracross to track remote and in-person learners. Set up cohorts of students, assign them to rotation days, display them to teachers in their portals, and more. in this webinar, you'll see a walkthrough of the functionality that Veracross has released to empower schools to track these data points for this school year, as well as a sneak-peek into where our product team will build on this functionality in the coming weeks.

Webinar: Academic Document Publishing

08/11/2020David Kopchick
Watch a walkthrough of our academic document publishing workflow and see questions answered about it, new for the 2020-21 school year.

Webinar: Summer Processes (June 2020)

06/17/2020David Kopchick
Learn about the summer processes you can work through in Veracross to keep your data clean and get ready for the next school year.

Webinar: Closing the School Year (2020)

06/02/2020David Kopchick
As the school year comes to a close, now is the perfect time to ensure you prepare Veracross for the school year rollover. This webinar recording provides pointers for making sure this year's data are in order before initiating the Close School Year process.

Webinar: Teachers, Are You Getting the Most Out of the Veracross LMS? Part 2

04/20/2020Ian Drummond
Alek Duba presents follow-up material from last week's webinar. Get a deeper dive into lesson plans, class websites, and more.

Webinar: Teachers, Are You Getting the Most Out of the Veracross LMS?

04/14/2020Ian Drummond
Many teachers use the Veracross learning management system (LMS) to record grades, but did you know how much more it is capable of? In this webinar, join Veracross implementation manager Alek Duba as he gives you some tips and best practices to leverage this tool for building class websites, posting resources and lesson plans, communicating with your families, and more.

Webinar: Scheduler, Part 3: Enrolling Students in Classes and Balancing Class Schedules

03/17/2020Ian Drummond
In this webinar, we'll cover enrolling students in classes and balancing class schedules.

Webinar: Scheduler, Part 2: Setting Scheduler Constraints and Building the Master Class Schedule

03/10/2020Ian Drummond
In this webinar we'll cover setting Scheduler constraints and building the master class schedule.

Webinar: Scheduler, Part 1: Course Requests

03/03/2020Ian Drummond
We'll cover course requests in this webinar.

Webinar: Mail Merge

02/13/2020Ian Drummond
In this webinar, we will discuss how to bring potential mail merge projects you are completing outside of Veracross back into Axiom. Specifically, we will work on designing an internal academic review document through our mail merge functionality.