Webinar: Scheduler, Part 1: Course Requests

Tue Mar 3, 2020

Course Request FAQ

These questions were submitted by registrants or asked during the webinar.

Q: Is there a way to filter the available course request options so that if pre-requisite courses are not completed, the higher-level course will not be displayed for that student?

  • The Related Courses tab is purely informational at the moment
  • With that being said, there is not a true way to have dynamic filtering. I'm going to get to how you may use V1 or V2 of the course request components later and you may attempt to use V1 for additional filtering options.
  • Students will always see the courses that are connected to the school level that the student's grade applying for applies to.
  • What I've alway recommended here is to populate Pre-Reqs into the beginning of the Course Description field.

Q: Each year I spend too much time making changes to the request group on course request records. Do you have any advice for how we should be collecting course requests?

  • For newer users who may not be aware, the Request Group is used to group alternate choices.
    • If a student is requesting Painting, Drawing and Clay as their fine arts choices, but should only be enrolled in one of those courses, they should all be submitted in one request group.
  • the Request Group on course requests will directly effect how the scheduler will enroll students into classes
  • Request Groups can get tricky depending on the number of electives your school is offering
  • Particularly for 12th graders, where often times they are submitting more options for electives then core courses, if the group is not populated correctly, we can't correctly enroll by priorities.
  • It's important that the request group is as accurate as possible.
  • All being said, you are relying on your students or staff faculty knowing how to populate the Request Group correctly.
  • If I can provide any guidance, the first piece of advice would be to look at using the V2 of the course request component. V2 gives user the ability to select the "Alternate Course" option which will automated the grouping of requests
  • Along those lines, you would also want to prefill options when available. If you have already added in core placements for English 10, English 9 and other requirements, it's a little easier for the user to see what they need to do
    • Additionally, by prefilling options - you can strictly message to faculty/students about how to handle non-core placements.
    • The best way to add those core placements would be from the course record.
  • The 2nd piece of advice would be to consider adding a landing page between the portal component and the portal homepage.
    • In the demo, I've added instructions for the person to view before getting into the course request component.
    • You may have trained faculty during an all hands meeting, emailed out instructions, and given them a cheat sheet on how to enter requests, but they may have forgotten those steps or ignored them until they are ready.
    • Adding the instructions here might be helpful!
  • I understand that you personally may not have the security permissions to add items to the faculty or student portal. If you don't you can get in touch with your Veracross Admin and the exact request would be "can we house the course request component on it's own component screen."

Q: Can new students be included in the course request process?

  • Yes, you can add course requests for new students via Axiom or the teacher portal
  • I would recommend prefilling core recs by using the Add People to Course Request query
    • Here you can filter on the "Future Student" role
  • Additionally, you may add a course request class and add future students to that specific class allowing teachers to enter course requests for that student
    • This is particularly helpful if you have a new student bbq or course request day
  • Finally, you may choose to use our import tool
    • If you cannot get students on campus to complete course requests, you may have to send them a google form. You may structure the form in a way that allows you to easily export the data and format it into our data templates.

Q: Can we get a report to show number of requests for a course by First Priority only (not to include 2nd priorities)?

  • In Axiom you have the added advantage of tailoring a Find Course Request query so that you are filtering by subject, course and/or priority. Additionally, you have the flexibility to subtotal and/or summarize.
  • During the course request process - I typically worked exclusively out of Axiom
  • In order to run a query for # of Requests per Course, you will start with a Find Course Request query.
  • Here you will summarize on Course and set your filtering on the priority field is that you are only pulling in first priority courses

Q: Can I get a report to show courses with a low volume of first priority requests?

  • When offering new electives, you may be concerned about low interest and whether or not you should actually run that section.
  • Bring in the Course: Record Count field to filter on number of requests.
  • For example, I'm going to look for all first choice priorities. Still summarizing on course name
  • In the Record Count field, I will say "Is less than or equal to" 10
    • summarize method = sum
    • apply criteria to sum value = yes

Q: For Catalog Descriptions, is there any limit to how much information will display?

  • The character limit for the Catalog Description field is 8000 characters.

Q: Do any schools use this to register for athletics?

  • Yes, although most schools will not use the scheduler itself to place students into teams, I've seen schools use the course request module to collect interests for next season. In order to do so, you would just need to make sure the athletic team is "Available for Request."

Q: Can function fields we used to generate reports of course requests by both grade level and priority?

  • Unfortunately, there are not any course request specific function fields available at this time. If you have any specific ideas for helpful function fields specifically related to course requests, feel free to submit those to your Account Manager!

Q: Looking for the best workflow for electives… Students have 2 full credits to fill. This could be 4 half courses, 2 full courses, or 2 half and 1 full course. Course groups don’t seem to help with this. 

  • From a course request workflow standpoint, I don't think we have a mechanism to absolutely ensure that this criteria is being met. However, I believe we should be able to develop a report to verify that the criteria was or was not met. If these courses are not already grouped by a common factor like "subject," I would suggest that a course classification is added to the courses. You could then run a query on the course requests by course classification. If you bring in the default term credit hours field and summarize on: student, request group, course classification/subject, and default term credit hours.