Veracross Setup Worksheet Overview

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Veracross Setup is a tool to help Implementation Managers and new schools manage their implementation process. This software provides an online interface where all configuration questions related to each area of the system may be answered. Schools can also keep track of important dates such as when their initial and final data is due and when they are going live with Veracross. During the initial phase of implementation, schools will be provided with a link to Veracross Setup by their Account Manager. Once schools have the link they will be able to access the tool at any time.


The homepage presents a high-level overview of all the system configuration pieces, also called Installation Worksheets, the school and their Account Manager are currently managing. There are three sections to the homepage:

Navigation Banner

Also available at the top of every page within Veracross setup is a navigation banner that helps with movement between Worksheets and sections and in providing links to specific pages.

Bookmark Icon

At any time if a school needs to communicate with their Account Manager about a particular Worksheet or question, they can click on in the upper right of the blue banner. Clicking on this icon will copy the link of the exact page the school is viewing. This link may be included in an email or Client Portal Request to the Account Manager so they can view the page. Likewise, schools may also receive similar links from their Account Managers.


In the blue banner across all Veracross Setup screens, a breadcrumb trail is available so schools can keep track of where they are as they drill into each question on a Worksheet. They can use the trail to click back up to the Worksheet or the Veracross Setup homepage.

Installation Worksheets

Installation Worksheets are the primary tool used to communicate important configuration information about a particular area of the system during Implementation. They contain specific questions the school must answer in order for the database to be created and data imported successfully. Each Worksheet displays a current approval status that indicates the progress through the page. Schools may see a “Begin Discussion” and “Target Approval Date” per Worksheet, depending on whether the Account Manager has set specific goal dates for each page. Worksheets are made up of sections, each of which may be edited individual to answer the configuration questions.

Important Dates & Details

The Important Dates and Details section displays a list of all key dates the school should be aware of as they go through their implementation. Schools will discuss with their Account Manager which dates are appropriate for each and the Account Manager will set the agreed upon dates.


Working with Veracross Setup

A schools primary responsibility is to answer the questions on the Worksheet the Account Manager has activated for each implementation configuration topic. Schools may be provided with a specific link to the Worksheet that needs to be filled out or select it from their homepage. Anyone who has the link to the page can edit questions. This means that the school point person may send the link to the department head in charge of the specific area of the system to answer and approve the questions.


Worksheets are a set of questions about one area of the system the school must complete in order for Veracross to understand the school’s configuration specification. Worksheets are created around each area of the system that the school is implementing such as Admissions, Grading Periods, Scheduling, Report Cards, Development, Data, etc. Each Worksheet presents a list of questions or topics separated into different sections that must be reviewed and answered by the school. There are five different section types that may appear multiple times on Worksheet:

    The Intention section is where schools will provide answers to the specific configuration questions. It is the opportunity for the school to communicate their intention about each configurable area of the Veracross system.
    The Data Verification section is the interpretation of the schools intention (or answer to the configuration question) into the actual setup in the database. Once data begins to be configured in the database certain questions may receive a Data Verification section in which schools will be able to view how their answers in the Intention section translates to actual database setup. Schools will not be able to edit the data in this section, but they are required to approve it.
    The Clarification section provides schools with explanations about the Worksheet, an specific section questions, or areas of the system the page corresponds to. Schools may respond to the Clarification notes if more explanation is needed.
    The Legacy Data Review section displays the data from the school’s legacy system after it has been migrated to Veracross. There are times when an Account Manager may ask for specific data verification such as student count, status mapping, role mapping, etc. Schools may review the data table in the Legacy Data Review section and use the approval section to confirm whether the data has been migrated correctly into Veracross.
    The Information section includes general information a school needs to know about the particular Worksheet they are completing. Information sections do not require schools to answer questions, but are there for the school’s reference.
    The Verify section provides an overview of the specific data configuration areas that need to be reviewed and verified by the school before the Worksheet can be considered complete. This section is most commonly a checklist of items that schools must review is working and setup properly in the system. To respond to this section, schools will select the checkbox next to each item that has been reviewed and verified.

The most common sections that schools will see are Intention and Data Verification. Each section will have their own approval box that a school must enter “approved by” information. The schools work on a Worksheet is considered “complete” when all questions within the page have been completed and an “approved by” name has been entered in the status field on the specific section.

Answering Questions

Questions within a Worksheet are designed to gather schools intentions about each configurable area of the Veracross system. Each question is broken into their own editable sections which schools can click into to answer. Edit each section as follows:

  1. From the Worksheet section (e.g. Scheduling), click on the EDIT button.
  2. Answer the question using the response options provided (e.g. checkbox, dropdown, date-picker, input table, etc.).
  3. Provide any notes necessary in the textbox at the bottom of the question page.
  4. Set the Status and enter the Approver’s name.
  5. Save Changes to the question.

Progress Tracking

Progress through a Worksheet is controlled by the work done on individual sections within the worksheet. All sections within a Worksheet begin with the status “Not Ready for Work.” As schools provide answers to the questions they can mark each section as “Ready for Work.” This indicates to the Account Manager that setup work for the Veracross system can now begin based on the configuration information entered.

When the Account Manager provides the link to the Worksheet, schools may forward it to the appropriate person in the school that should answer and approve the questions. For each question the name of the person who approves the final information should be entered in the “Approval by” field.

As the status of each section changes within a Worksheet so will the status indicator on the Veracross Setup homepage for that particular Worksheet. There are four total Worksheet statuses:

  • Not Started: no work has begun on this Worksheet.
  • In Progress: one or more sections within the Worksheet have been updated to “Ready for Work.”
  • All Sections Ready for Work: all sections within a Worksheet have been updated to “Ready for Work.”
  • Complete: all work on this Worksheet has been completed by both Veracross and the school.

    Note that the Account Manager ultimately decides whether work is complete on a Worksheet. Schools are only responsible for communicating that configuration work may begin (i.e. Ready for Work), but the Account Manager along with Engineering will make the final decision whether all answers are satisfactory and that configuration is complete.