Veracross Dropbox and Google Drive Integration


For schools whose students use Google Drive to create and manage documents, it is possible to integrate Veracross Dropbox with Google Drive. Once a student links their Google account with their Veracross account, they will be able to submit files directly from their Google Drive as well as their computer.

Admin Setup

To set up Google Drive integration with the Veracross Dropbox:

  1. Open the ‘Student Accounts’ query located under the User Accounts section on the System homepage and navigate to the query design.
  2. Add the ‘Google Authentication Status’ field into the design, ensure that is is visible, and run the query.
  3. Switch the ‘Google Authentication Status’ to “Pending” for each student whose Google Drive will be integrated with Veracross Dropbox and update.
  4. Add the Google Drive/Assignment Dropbox portal component to the Student Portal page.

After students complete the authentication process (see below), their ‘Google Authentication Status’ will change to “Complete” and the date/time of authentication will update.

Student Authentication

Once the ‘Google Authentication Status’ has been switched to pending, students must link their Google Drive with the Veracross Dropbox. They can do this directly from their Student Portals.

When students log in to their Student Portal a message at the top of the screen will alert them that they need to grant Veracross access to their Google Drive. Students will need to follow the prompts to link their Google Drive with Veracross.

Note: Students will only need to complete this process once.


Google Dropbox Widget

Before students can submit a file for an assignment, the teacher must enable the dropbox for that particular assignment. To learn more about how to enable the dropbox for assignments, click here.

Once the dropbox has been opened by the teacher, students will be able to submit files to the assignment from the Class Enrollment Detail page. To learn more about Student Dropbox submissions, click here.

Students can upload files for the assignment from their Google Drive or from their computers using the Google Dropbox Widget from the submission wizard. “Native” Google Drive formats, such as Google docs or spreadsheets, will be converted automatically to PDFs when submitted to the Veracross Dropbox. Files are converted automatically to PDFs to ensure they can be opened from a teacher’s portal.

File Submission

In order for a file to upload successfully to the Veracross Dropbox, the file name cannot contain non-standard characters such as umlauts or /. Similarly, emojis ( e.g. 🙂 ) cannot be included in the ‘Comments’ section on a file submission.

Removing a Veracross Account from a Student’s Google Account

If desired, the link between a student’s Veracross Account and their Google Account can be removed.

The student must be logged in to their Google Account to remove the Veracross Account connection:

  1. Click on the account avatar in the upper right corner.
  2. Select the ‘Account’ link on the window that appears.
  3. Select the ‘Security’ link in the left-hand column.
  4. Select the ‘Review permissions’ link next to ‘Connected Applications and Sites.’
  5. Find the Veracross permission (Veracross – Drive API, By file Drive API, Profile Information). Click ‘Revoke Access.’
  6. The ‘Google Authentication Status’ dropdown for each student who has removed their Veracross Account from their Google Account will need to be switched back to either “N/A” or “Pending” in Veracross. If the status is switched back to “Pending,” when the student logs back in to Veracross, the authentication process will repeat (see the Student Authentication section).