VC Pay Registration


Parents can register or enroll for AutoPay via two methods:

  • a link in their parent or new family portal
  • as a step of online enrollment

Links in parent or new family portal take the parent to the Invoices tab in a portal where they can begin the registration process. The steps outlined here represent a typical configuration, but may not match your school’s exact process. Please reach out to your account manager with questions.

The Steps

1. Navigate to the Invoices tab.

Accessible via a link in a portal, here is the Invoices tab of the Invoices page:

To begin the process, click Register for VC Pay.

2. Click Setup Accounts.

Follow the onscreen prompts to set up payment accounts.

3. Enroll the invoices.

Click Select Account for each invoice to associate a payment method with the invoice. Click Set up Accounts to add additional accounts. Click Save and Continue when done.