VC Pay School-Paid Fees Billing

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You can elect to pay VC Pay enrollment fees and/or payment plan fees on behalf of your parents. In cases where you've elected to cover VC Pay fees, you will receive two invoices per year from Veracross; one invoice mid-year, and one invoice toward the end of the year.

If you have any questions about the VC Pay School-Paid Fees on an invoice, please reach out to our finance team at:

First Billing Cycle

The first round of billing occurs in July of each year and is typically the largest billing. The first billing includes VC Pay enrollment fees and/or payment plan fees for all students who have completed enrollment for the upcoming school year and currently have an enrollment status of ‘Newly Enrolled’ or ‘Re-enrolled,’ have registered for VC Pay, and have an invoice that was generated prior to the billing date.  

In the first round of billing, if there are students who meet the above criteria but have a discrepancy on their account – for example, if a contract has been reset or there has been a payment plan change since they first registered – they are excluded from the first round of billing and reserved for the second billing. This allows extra time for you to sort out any payment plan or enrollment changes during the summer while providing our team with extra time to validate the charges. 

Second Billing Cycle

The second round of billing occurs in December of each year and includes those students who have completed enrollment and/or VC Pay registration after the first round of billing. The second billing also includes any students excluded from the first billing due to invoices created after the first billing date, payment plan changes, or other discrepancies that required further validation.